Nalati Prairie Tribes in the Evening

Prairie tribes at the side of Nalati Mountain 

Sitting in the flat car, I arrived at the gate of Nalati Scenic Area. The natural green of Nalati Mountains, coupled with the soft evening light, amazing…

It seemed as if the prairie tribes are free, maybe it is a casual place for visitors, and there were several stone men at the entrance of the prairie tribes. 

Gentle warm evening light…

Nalati like a oil painting…

A scene of grasslands tribe, I don’t know what this means.

That smoke from the households not far away…

A running camel…

I followed the camel…

But a security staff stopped me walking into the tussock, explaining there maybe dangerous…

He pointed to this small tower and told me to be careful the wolves inside the tower. 

I went to take a look at the wolves, but it was a pity I couldn’t see a wolf.

Grasslands tribe scenery

This is a real animal skull, but what animal? Who knows!

Yurts at the foot of the mountain…

These were the yurts available for tourists, beside the river, and I didn’t know what this group of tourists were doing, looking lively. 

Quiet stream, flow quietly

A gate leading forward, hanging a sheepskin…

This is a grandstand, and there is a drama showing each night here. It is said that it is rather exciting, but the ticket price is also expensive. 

Does the tribe is just like this in the ancient time?

The heaven pot in the tribe

Take a look at the introduction of the heaven pot, oh my god! It says that people can cook 22 sheep one time, how grand…

There were some small pots around the heaven pot. 

The large drums beside the pot…

Hey, it is really a piece of cowhide, and I knocked for a while, really loud… 

There is a huge yurt beside the grandstand, and it is said that it is the king’s living place. 

Oh, I saw an old falconer.

A fully equipped hawk

This was to attend the performances in the evening, but you have to pay if want to shoot the falconer and the hawk.

I didn’t pay, so just shot a figure viewed from behind.

Walk with lover or the people you like here, so beautiful. 

Sunset… it was getting cold. That security staff had already put on the lammy. 

Memories of Xinjiang 8 Days Tour:


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