Tea, Life

I always hear many people say that the life in Chengdu is very leisurely and comfortable, because the most common entertainment places you can see in the street are all kinds of teahouses and mahjong parlors, where there are always many local people leisurely gathering together regardless of the time. 

Chengdu teahouses can be divided into several levels. The most exclusive teahouses not only provide elegant environment and high-end decoration, but also a lot of snacks, of course, the price is rather high; and the general teahouses are generally hidden in shopping malls, office buildings or around the residential areas, not too much decoration, but there is unified service, and lots of young people flike to go there; while the most representative of Chengdu people like to go to some parks and open-air riverside tea gardens! 

There are many tea gardens in Chengdu, such as People’s Park, Wenshu Temple, Qingyang Taoist Temple… as long as there are quiet places, there are tea gardens, as long as it does not rain, there will be dozens of people gathering there every morning, drinking tea, reading news, gossiping, sunbathing…everyone leisurely do their own things, time seems to slow down suddenly! 

One corner of Wenshu Temple

A cup of tea, a stack of snacks, and a kind of leisure…

In Chengdu, drinking tea is also a unique way to increase the feelings of the couple.

Family affair is also the must-talk on the table…

Reading newspaper, to know what’s happening in the world…


Work at the tea garden? 

A journal, a phone call, a cup of tea, and a business deal…

spring fever, have a nap after a cup of tea…

The old man was trying to find the highlights of the day between the lines.

Two older sisters didn’t forget to show each other what they had recorded during the journey when drinking tea.

He was absorbed in the news…

drinking tea should start from baby

These tow old sisters hadn’t seen each other for a long time, now they were recalling the years in the past. 

Many young people also began to love to stay in tea gardens…

Everyone has peace and serene expression on the face. 

Everyone has different gesture…

Tea and fruit are the must, sometimes simply a dish of melon seeds…

It seems there is at least a leisurely cat strolling around the tea houses. Wenshu Temple is also no exception, cats like to wander around drinkers, and then find a place they like to lie down lazily, continuing their sleep under the warm sun.

Chinese Tea: http://www.tourdechina.cn/China-Culture/Chinese-Tea.html


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