Lugu Lake, the daughter of country in heaven dream

Someone said, “This is the most beautiful piece of water, and you can’t image there will be other scenery beautiful than this, this is the place for god to live, peace, solemn and quiet.”

In fact, there are already too many words describing the beauty of Lugu Lake, in fact, only works cannot describe the magic and beauty of the lake, may be you can sing a song for it…

And when seeing a vast blue lying in the rolling hills, I seemed to understand the place which I aspire to and is called the paradise in dream, is not a legend. 

James Hilton wrote in his novel Lost Horizon like this, “It isn’t contaminated, but remains heavenly pure and love. In the nearest place from the sky, there is a hidden Shangri-La deep in snow …”

This is the beautiful Gesang Flower, dancing with the wind, and breathtaking.

Overlooking the mountains, layers of green trees, the sunshine, connecting to that infinite blue, a small island floating on the blue water

The island, mountains, boats on the lake, and village lying by the lake… 

It had already been afternoon, and the plateau washed our eyes with its unique pure sky, with white clouds floated over the blue sky, reflecting in the deep and mysterious lake, the legend of the beautiful lake.

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