Zizheng Daifu Ci Temple

Zizheng Daifu Ci Temple ancient architectural complex is located in the west of Sanhua Village, Huadu District, Guangzhou City,close to the Guangzhou-Qingyuan Expressway, and about one kilometer away from the city center. Residents here are mostly surnamed Xu, and Xuheng was their ancestors.

There was still some time when arrived at the Baiyun Airport, so I wandered around here, besides, Guangzhou Folk Museum is also here, there were also lovable plants.

Zizheng Daifu Ci Temple is the largest ancestral hall found in the Guangzhou region, having an important value for studying the Qing Dynasty folk ancestral hall buildings.

Nowadays, Zizheng Daifu Ci Temple ancient architectural complex gathers Zizheng Daifu Ci Temple, Nanshan Academy, Heng Zhixu Temple, and ShuiXian Temple, covering an area of over 6000 thousand square meters.

The whole architectural complex is majestic, with plaza in the front, gardens in the back. The hall and courtyard are spacious, with surrounding tree-lined and winding streets. It reflects the traditional style of the Lingnan School of Architecture, but also has the characteristics of the gardens of the South.


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