Rafting along the Picturesque Landscape

Hearing a melodious melody from afar, someone told me that this is the traditional and the most classic folk songs of Guangxi, which can make people thinking of the beautiful scenery of Guilin. 

After a whole night of bus travel from Guangzhou, we arrived at Yangshuo at about 5:00 in the morning. After a simple wash and breakfast, we went to the pier with a group of people, rafted to catch an early Li River tour in the morning, and enjoyed the beautiful essence of landscape from Xingping to Nine Horse Hill, along Li River. 

At dawn, the boatmen waited for the tourists on the pier early in the morning. A loud noise broke the silence of the Li River in the early morning. Seems to take a bamboo raft tour Li River in the dawn has already become a must of Yangshuo tour not to be missed. 

Raft upstream, there was beautiful landscape and happy songs along the way. Lofty peaks distribute on both sides of Li River River, silence and fresh; smoke-filled mountain. Ship cruised in the middle reaches of river, feel like being in fairyland. Generally, the mood is completely in this beautiful quiet landscape. 

With the rise of the sun, the surrounding mountains gradually regained consciousness, gradually revealing its beautiful mountain massif. 

The morning sun golden dyed the Li River.

Walk in quiet landscape, take a deep breathe the fresh air, refreshing, an indescribable satisfaction from visual to the soul.

Strong buffalo quietly stopped in the river, regardless of the visitors on the raft.

There were full of rafts stopped by the river. 

Leisurely rafts, wind was blowing along the riverside, always fresh, everywhere is beauty. 

An old woman carried with two cormorants, ready for the early fishing. 

There were several girls twining garlands near the bank, and sold to visitors.

River is very clear, and the stones, weeds and moss in the bottom can be seen very clearly. 


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