Paradise Prairie Xilinguole, Naadam

Naadam: Mongolian word for “entertainment or games”, to represent the joy of the harvest,and is the traditional annual event on the prairie. Naadam is unique ethnic characteristics athletics, recreation, and sports created and handed down in the long-term Mongolian nomadic life. Naadam event of the ancient and modern should be carried out of man “art” athletics competition – wrestling, horse racing and archery. Naadam has been given a lot of new content and many new connotations in nowadays.
August 5, the second session of “the grassland Xilin Gol Naadam” in the vast grasslands of the Xilinguole Naadam was grand opening!

The hot and warm opening scene

Skydiver fell from the sky with a flag, congratulating that Naadam grand opening.

The awaiting admission team

Valiant cavalry team escort the national flag admission.

The valiant the female Mounties

With distinctive Mongolian style and features team followed by admission

song and dance performances

 Wonderful horse show 

This session Naadam rich in content.

3600-meter speed Majuan race 

 Man three arts competition 



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