Dreamlike Southern Yangtze – Guangwu Shan Mountain

Guangwu Shan Mountain is a scenic spot in the North of Sichuan. It is on the border with Shaanxi. Guangwu Shan Mountain is part of the Daba Shan mountain range that separates Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces.

This part of the country is not a well traveled area. The mountains here are lush and heavily forested, waterfalls flow into the many rivers that course down from this mountain range, through the Sichuan basin into Chongqing and southern Sichuan and the many temples that dot this region are old and relatively unspolied.

Nearby, a small town serves as the jump-off point for many tours and trips into the mountain range. Bazhong is a tiny little town and has little in the way of facilities, but further to the west is Guangyuan, a very modern town connected to the capital of Chengdu via highway and further southeast is the megalopolis of Chongqing

Here are some photos of  Guangwu Shan Mountain, let’s have a look!


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