Fantasyland of Huanglong

The wondrous views of the Huanglong National Park situated in Sichuan are absolutely like heaven. The amazing natural scenery is incomparable and you will not see the same scenery anywhere else. The mountainous scenery conceal some of the most extraordinary sites with thick forests, stunning waterfalls, clear lakes, snow covered peaks and it is also home to some endangered wildlife species. Huanglong is the place to go to escape the bustling city and enjoy the great outdoors.


The amazing natural landscapes are incredibly beautiful.

Known as the “Fairyland on Earth” this fantastic scenic location is well-known for its travertime formations which have created some of the most colorful landscapes in the park. The ponds are often called the five colored pools due to the colored limestone and the crystal clear waters, the ponds exhibit the spectrum of the rainbow and the best time to see this is between the months of September and October.


The famous 5 colored pools which are one of the main attractions of the park.

The Snow Treasure Peaks located 5,588 meters above sea level is the highest point in the Mingshan mountain range and is surrounded by glaciers. The snow capped mountains remain covered by snow throughout the year. At the bottom of the Snow Treasure Peaks is the Huanglong Temple. From June 13th to 16th (lunar calendar) the Temple is filled with tourists and visitors trying to catch a glimpse of the annual temple fair.


The snow capped mountains are a create a mesmerizing scenery for the Huanglong Temple.


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