Things To Do in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is known as a hot tourist city as well as the heaven of outdoor sports in China. You can find the most perfect rock for sports in Yangshuo. In addition, you can enjoy rafting, bouldering, rappelling, riding, hiking, kayaking, etc., as well as the eyes of beautiful scenery, so what are you waiting for?

Rock climbing

Yangshuo is China’s climbing paradise because of its special characteristics of rock and karst topography. Yangshuo is surrounded by protruding mountains, which are disconnected from each other, and most of the elevation is not high, from tens to hundreds of meters high. What’s more, because these hills are mature with clear texture and hierarchy, and also belongs to the hard limestone rock with clean surfaces. This not only allows the climber shows a beautiful posture, but also to enjoy the amazing scenery. So Yangshuo is also hailed as “the holy land that God created specifically for rock climbers” by a foreign authority climbing magazine. In addition, many rock climbers can also experience the rappelling and strop ropeway.



Bouldering is that a climber completes the climb rely on his own strength without a rope. It is also one kind of rock climbing in recent years. In addition to the riverside bouldering fields, there are also some bouldering fields in Baopu Park (opposite the thumb peak).

Wash Mud Bath

In Yangshuo, wash the mud bath is a kind of very exciting, stylish activity, as well as good for fitness. It is sought after by foreign tourists as well as Chinese tourists. Yangshuo water-rock mud bath can be considered one of the few domestic good places for mud bath. There are many places for mud bath in Yangshuo, such as Buddha water rock, water dragon rock, moon water rocks, etc.



Because of the unique topography, there is not only places for gentle rafting such as Yulong River, but also more challenging adventure rafting, like Dragon Neck River, let you enjoy the most exciting rafting in hot summer!


Impression Sanjie Liu

“Impression Sanjie Liu” is the giant performance of real landscape directed by Zhang Yimou on the Li River in Yangshuo, gathering the characteristic of artistic, visual, nationality and others in one. This is the world largest natural theater which utilizes the waters of the Li River as its stage, with twelve mist shrouded hills and the heavens as its backdrop. Hundreds of local minority extras, silhouetted against the lights and smoke, show a visual feast. “Impression Sanjie Liu” is officially premiered in 2004 but is still shocking.


West Street bars

Clubbing in the West Street is also one must experience. Each bar has its own characteristics, and some bar has no minimum consumption, even a cup of water will be ok, you can chat with friends, or quietly listen to musicians singing.



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