Xinduqiao, A Photographer’s Paradise

Xinduqiao is also called East Russia. It is a small town located in the west of Kangding County. The altitude of Xinduqiao is about 3300 meters. Although there is no prominent landmark landscape, Xinduqiao is well known as the paradise for Photographers, with more than 10 kilometers’ long “photographer corridor”.

Xinduqiao is a picturesque small Tibetan town and famous for its plateau pasture scenery, with vivid green grassland, streams, mountains, and Tibetan counting houses surrounding it. The Tibetan houses in the town have very spacious yard, red lacquer doors and white walls, mostly built with stones. People can also overlook the Gongga Mountain which is the most magnificent mountains in Sichuan province.

Tourists who are travelling to Sichuan-Tibet line will stop here to see the beautiful scenery, as well as taking photography. Although Daocheng, a more beautiful place along the Sichuan-Tibet line, is not far from here. There are still many people making a pause here for photography even coming here for wedding photographs.



What to see in Xinduqiao

Gongga Mountain

Gongga Mountain or Mount Gongga is located in the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau (in the middle part of the Snowy Mountain on the Hengduan Mountains). The Gongga Mountain is between the between the Dadu River and Yalong River. Gongga Mountain means the white iceberg as well as the highest mountain in the Tibetan language.

gongga snow mountain
gongga snow mountain

Tagong Grasslands

Tagong means “Buddha favorite place” in Tibetan, located in the Kangding County, Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan, with an elevation of 3730 m on the high plateau. It is the most famous grasslands in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture and the Sichuan-Tibet highway passes through the grasslands. There are rivers, grasslands, forests, mountains, temples, Tibetan Houses and architectures along the scenic area, full of Tibetan style.

Tagong Grasslands
Tagong Grasslands

Yala Kamiyama

Yala Snow Mountain has been listed as one of the 18 eco-tourist areas in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture state and is called “‘Yala Snow Natural Eco-tourism Zone.” This scenic area has beautiful landscape and many types of tourism resources. One of the most fascinating is a blue mountain lake under the pyramid-shaped Yala peak, where the lake and glacier ice connect and form the ice waterfall, a exquisite natural picture.

Yala Snow Mountain
Yala Snow Mountain


The Best Time to Visit Xinduqiao

Generally speaking, the best time to visit Xinduqiao should be from mid-October to the end of November. During this season, the gorgeous scene of blue sky, white clouds, river water, the sunlight, tall poplar, etc in the breeze, picturesque, fascinated.

Because it is relatively high altitude here, so the temperature has a relatively big difference between morning and evening, warm clothes such as jackets are needed. Even if you come here in summer in July and August, also requires a long-sleeved.

Xinduqiao features amazing natural lights for photography, a great place for hiking, changeable weather, picturesque scenery, food specialty and special local products, as well as unique ethnic customs and age-old minority cultures.


Useful Information


Xinduqiao local language is mainly the Tibetan in Sichuan dialect. Because there are many local tourists every year, therefore mandarin is also been used.


There is only a RCC (rural credit cooperative) in Xinduqiao, so recommend to enough cash.

Post office

Xinduqiao town has a post office.

Phone Number

Kangding County Tourism Bureau 0836 -2822928

Sichuan Provincial Tourism complaints Tel 028 -86657308

Alarm Hotline: 110

Fire: 119

Emergency Center: 120

Accidents: 122

Police SMS alarm: 12110

Weather Forecast: 12121

Red Cross first aid station: 999


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