Basum Lake – a holy lake in China

Basum Lake in Tibet is situated in the deep valley of upper stream of River Ba He. It has an altitude of three thousand five hundred thirty eight meters and covers nearly thirty seven thousand five hundred square meters area. This lake possesses crescent shape and is well surrounded by mountains as well as lush trees. Thus lake appears as an emerald that is embedded perfectly well in valley. The scenery at Basum Lake is very beautiful. It is recognized as very sacred lake for a specific section of Buddhism in Tibet, specifically for the Red sect. There are several thousands of people who visit Basum Lake every year in order to worship.


Basum Lake is also known as Basumco Lake. In the Tibetan language, this word implies green water lake. This typical lake is striking highland lake that lies ninety kilometres west to the Kongpo Gymdo County. It offers lot of awesome views to visitors. Apart from these views, the lake has many glaciers near to upper reaches of Basum Lake give people a continuously flowing fresh water source.

Scenic beauty of Basum Lake

Since the lake is located near foot of the mountains that are snow capped, the entire area has temperate climate and therefore the vegetation near Basum Lake is exuberant. Diverse trees and plants such as pines, maples, cypresses, birches and azaleas do relate one another. The lake’s pristine surface replicates the fine mountain peaks that are snow capped around the lake. The entire areas surrounding Basum Lake is very beautiful and magnificent. Most individuals may relate this area with inspirational Swiss Alps while being on shoreline along stately lake. In this lake, animals are leading a very easy as well as comfy life. The circling birds above Basum Lake, shoaling fish in green water and strolling beats in forest nearby are attractive features of this lake.


It is a very sacred lake for Buddhists in Tibet. Mainly Red sect does worship it. They are old sect of people also known as Nyingmapa. It is one of the oldest sects among the Tibetan Buddhists. They were founded during period between seventh and eighth century on sides of the lake. Basum Lake in 1997 was listed as world tourist spot by World Tourism Organization. A great reason why people visit this lake is the northwest lake bank that offers an exciting experience to adventurous visitors. They can find one huge stone that possesses a hole permitting an individual to pass. There is a legend behind this hole. Passing through it will help in curing all diseases as well as misfortunes.

In the central portion of lake, there is one monastery that is established in seventeenth century. Now, this monastery houses the Chenrezi and Maitreya mainly. Several centuries back, monks had carved several figures related to Buddhism and many animals. This has made the island valued to be a magnificent highland treasure.


Travel Tips

Basum Lake is twenty kilometres from Sichuan Tibet highways and three hundred kilometres from east Lhasa. Transportation by car is best. Be certain to value the regional beliefs and customs. In order to travel here, it is essential to attain Tibet entry permit and Alien Trable permit that is issued by regional public security Tibetan Bureau. To have a medical consultation is best before trip. Kora around Basum Lake needs two days. Therefore, essential trekking equipment, sun glasses, clothes and sun cream are to be taken.


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