Dujiangyan Irrigation Project Man Made Wonder

Dujiangyan Irrigation Project is a magnanimous irragation infrastructure believed to be constructed in 256 BC. This is one of the picturesque locations situated in the Sichuan province of China. Located in Min River this irrigation system was constructed during the Kingdom of Qin. Much international tourist attention is being grabbed by this irrigation project due to its precise engineering marvel. This is a prestigious show case project of China’s ancient technological capabilities. Situated 45 Km off to the northern side of capital Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan, the project is able to irrigate more than 5,300 square kilometer agricultural land. 


Short History Dujiangyan irrigation project 

Though the irrigation structure was constructed in 2nd BC, it was further modified and enlarged by Tang, Song, Yuan and Min kingdoms. The construction was planned by the then governor Li Bing of Qin to create permanent solution for the annual flooding of Min River. He studied the situation and decided to construct the irrigation system by keeping options to create water ways for movements of military boats and also irrigate the lands. 


This is the oldest no-dam irrigation system in the word which survived all the natural calamities.  The marvelous project take us back to 2500 years and give us the scientific knowledge China had in irrigation system.  The irrigation system is designed in such a to control the annual flood and help to irrigate the plains all the year. There are three important parts for this project which are Yuui, Feisha Yan and Baoping Kou.  The first part Yuzui act like a big fish lying water and split the river in to Inner river and outer river. Feisha Yan works likes spill way which helps to drive the flow of sand and stone from the inner river to the outer river. Baoping Kou is like a bottle neck which brings water in to the inner river. All the three elements of the projects are interlinked and work together to control the flood situation and also help to irrigate the land for the entire year.

How to reach Dujiangyan Irrigation project site?

Reaching to Dujiangyan Irrigation project is comparatively easy.  From Chengdu railway station there are intermittent tourist coach services are available every ten minutes.  Tourist can also board from the Ximen bus station. The services are available every day. Different type’s bus services such as luxury air conditioned bus services and normal ordinary business without air conditioned is also put for the convenient of tourists. Normal bus fare is 10 Yuan and luxury bus service is charged 15 Yuan per passenger. Luxury bus services are non-stop and ordinary services do have frequent stops.  Special taxi services are also available which will cost about 90 Yuan per trip. Enough modern accommodation facilities are available in and around the project area and nearby locations. 


Tourist attractions 

Anlan Cable Bridge situated over Minjang River is a must see wonder. The bridge was constructed during Song Kingdom between 960-1279. The original construction was with wooden blocks and bamboo rails which are replaced by steel and RCC. Crossing over the bridge is a thrilling experience. There are other historically important things such as Fulong temple and the stone statue of Li Bing who constructed the irrigation project. Behind the temple the electric model of the irrigation system is displayed and explained in a simple way! Entry to the irrigation site is restricted against payment of Yuan 90. The location worth visiting to experience the rich scientific irrigation mechanism derived by Chinese ancient civilization 2500 years ago.


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