Furong Cave the largest Lime Stone Cave in the world

Furong Cave is lime stone cave situated on the banks of Furong River in China. This is in Chongqing Municipality under Wulong County and 20 kilometers from Wulong town. This beautiful lime caves are discovered by local farmers in 1993 and is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.The cave was opened to tourists in the year 1994 and is ranked as 4A tourist site during 2002.Extensive exploration has been carried out in this cave by UK, US, Australia, Ireland and Chinese geologists. The cave has a total length of 2, 846 meters and having a width of 30-50 meters.

Furong Cave (1)

Plan your travel arrangements

Bus journey from Chongqing Chaotianmen bus terminal will take two hours to reach Wulong. The bus fare would be RMB 65.00 per passenger. Alternatively tourist can reach Chongqing North Railway station by taking K72/K73 or L856/L857 trains to Wulong.It would be ideal to plan for an early morning trip so that one can spend enough time to explore the fabulous locations. From the railway station tourist can engage taxi or mini buses to the lime cave location.The entry in to this natural wonder is restricted by a fee of CNY 120 per head for March to October and CNY 65 per head during November to February.The cave will be opened for tourists from 08:00 to 17:00. From the Wulong town to the lotus cave will take half an hour.

Furong Cave (2)

Dazzling karst worth to watch

Furong Cave is alternatively known as Lotus Cave.This is considered as the natural miracle and is one of the largest caves in the world along with the Mammoth Cave in USA and Graemes Cave situated at France.These three are the prominent Lime Stone Caves in the world. The rich speleothems of various sizes are really wonder experience and the caves are full of such natural structures.The landscapes are formed in dazzling karst due to the various speleothems.

Stalagmites are palm shaped and soft like a jade

The cave is having a total area of 37,000 sq meters.There are more than 300 beautiful breath taking spots can be seen in the cave. Also there about 100 species of carbonate and sulphur sediments tourists can see in the cave. The largest Lime Stone hall is the Glory Hall, spread over an area of 11,000 sq meters. The Lime Stone water wall is a splendid treat for the eyes. The Lime Stone water fall is the largest one with 15 meter width and 21 meter height. Apart from these one could see stalagmites, stalactites and stelae in the cave. Stalagmites are palm shaped and so soft like a jade. Its texture is so pure and cannot be seen anywhere else. Similarly tourists can see red coral and calcites in the cave.

Furong Cave (3)

Nature as a best artist beyond anybody’s guess

It’s like an underground natural palace with lot of intriguing art work. The varieties in the shape of speleothems are an excellent example to show case the natures wonders which are beyond even an artist’s imagination.Such is the beauty and spontaneity of the cave.Worth exploring and a life time experienence.


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