Impression Liu Sanjie – The Spectacular Color Show in The Back Drop of Nature

Impression Liu San Jie is one of the spectacular public night show conducted on the banks of Li River in Yangshuo County.  This is 60 kilometer away from Guilin. The show is staged in the entire stretch of Li River which is 2 kilometer in length from Yangshuo. This is considered as the largest natural theater show named as Liu San Jie Impression Light Show in Yangshuo. The small islands in the Li-river are magnificently lit to create an impressive back stage curtain like look. The 12 karsts are illuminated lavishly to add the glittering functions. The stages, lights, natural contribution of moon light, the reflection of images in the water, the laser light beams, and stunning music all are meant to give a fantastic experience to the visitors.


The first impression show was opened in 20th March, 2004 during the Sanjie Liu Sing Fair which is one and half kilometer away from the West Street (Xi Jie) . The performance became so popular because of the stunning choreography. The water in the Li River was used as its stage and the mist surrounded 12 mountains for spectacular visual effects. The auditoriums are created in the karsts of the river without disturbing the natural beauty of the karsts. The show lasts for 70 minutes with 7 segments. The beginning will be with Prelude segments then followed by six impressions such as Red, Gold, Green, Golden, Blue, Silver and Epilogue. The show comprises of 600 artists of men and women from the fisher community from the banks of the river.


The story:

The light and color makes it one of the brilliant performances in the world when compared with any contemporary exhibitions. Theme of Liu San Jie Light Show is based on a folk love story – story about Liu Sanje! Liu Sanje was so beautiful and with melodious voice. The warlord fall in love with this girl and he proposes to her. Meantime, she was in love with a boy in the village, hence politely refused his proposal. The angry warlord kidnapped her. The lover and his friends rescued the girl and they married and lived together happily in the rest of their life.


The show time and entry fee:

The first show will be schedule in summer and weekend day at 19:40 pm to 20:50 pm and second show starts at 21:20 pm to 22:22:30 pm. During winter and weekday there will be only one show starting at 

20:00 pm to 21:10 pm. The fee structure as follows:

President seat A1: CNY 680 per head

President seat A2: CNY 480 per head

VIP seat B1: CNY 320 per head

VIP seat B2: CNY 238 per head

Regular Seat: CNY 198 per head

Children below the height of 1.2 meters do not required ticket but there won’t be any seating arrangements for them.

Children of 1.2 meter to 1.4 meters height will be charged CNY 85 per head.

Children above 1.4 meter height will have to buy full ticket.


How to reach the venue:

Travelling to the venue is quite easy. There will be regular busses in every one and half hour from Guilin city. Tourist can take battery car from Xi Jie (West Street) which will take 5-10 minutes to reach the spot. It is easy to walk from the West Street and one reach there within 20-30 minute walk.

The show will be conducted subject to the weather conditions and can be cancelled without any notice if the weather is too bad.


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