Mount Huaguo – One of the Best Tourist Attraction

Mount Huaguo is a popular tourist destination located in Yiyang county of Jiangsu Province. The meaning of Mount Huaguo is Mount of Flowers and fruits. This is a National Forest Park situated 89 kilometers west side of Luoyang city and Lianyungang city is just 7 kilometer south east to the mountain. Situated at an altitude of 625 meters above sea level and spread over 84.3 square kilometers this is really going to be an eye charming location due to its splendid natural beauty. There are 108 hills comprising small and high. The highest peak is 1, 831.8 meters above the sea level. The mountains are rich with thick virgin forests.

mt. huaguo (1)

Stone Rooster Mountain:


Mount Huaguo Shan was originally called as Stone Rooster Mountain or Daughter Mountain. Since ancient times dated back to Jin Dynasty, believed to be in 256-420, it was a famous tourist destination. The mountain is rich with waterfalls, springs, cliffs, ridges and caves. Also, tourists can spot ancient Buddha temples and sculpture works dated back to AD 7th century.


mt. huaguo (4)

Trekking is tough and that is the only way to explore deep in to the mountain forest. Climbing up you can see the mammoth Monkey Stone. The name carries the physical resemblance of the hill that of a monkey. The Monkey Stone looks like a guard for the mountain. There are 72 big and small caves in the Huaguoshan Mountain.


San Yuan Palace: 

In the deep middle of the mountain forest situated the San Yuan Palace. This is one of the very ancient structures believed to be build during Tang Dynasty dated back to 618-907. Huge statues of the Gods are the main attraction here. They are the Gods of Heaven, Water and Earth. The temple is surrounded by maidenhair trees which are more than 100 years old.


The best season to visit this area is April to October. The average temperature is recorded as 14 degree Celsius. You will have four vibrant seasons with moderate sunshine, comfortable temperature and plenty of rain. In the center of the forest you can see the old Hashing Temple. You can also see huge rocks looks like Monkey King and priest Xuanzang due to the peculiar shape of the rock.


Other tourist attractions:


The western part of the Flower and Fruit Mountain is full of waterfalls, cliffs and ridges. These areas are about 2,318 acres. There are lots of small and large waterfalls. Shuangdie Waterfall which is also known as Double Waterfall is the biggest one among the waterfalls. The south western part of the mountain is reserved for rare species of plant and animals.


The make the name of the mountain immortal, the mountain is home for different verities of fruits and flowers. Beautiful flowers and fruits are indeed a very much prosperous treat for the eyes. Huaguoshan Mountain is adjudged as one of 50 top attractive tourist destinations in China and categorized as 4A status. Ropeways are available.


How to reach there:


Frequent bus services are available from Hualian Shopping Square to the base of Huaguo Mountain. Entry to the mountain is restricted against payment of CNY 50 per head. Historical attractions such as Asoka Pagoda and Yuhuang Pavilion attract more tourists to this magnificent location.


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