Mount Qingcheng rich with historical wonders worth exploring

Mount Qingcheng is a cluster of 36 peaks situated in Dujiangyan, in the province of Sichuan, China. This is the epicenter of Taoism which is an ancient mythology. The mountain clusters are located 68 kilometer north west of Chengdu city. The lush green mountain clusters are spread over 200 square kilometer. This is considered as a hot place for trucking and wild life enthusiasts.  The highest peak is Laoxio Ding, which is having 1260 meters height from the sea level. Since Taoism originated from the mountain region the area is full of temples with significant reflection and inscriptions of Taoism. The peaks around the mountain stand like a natural protective wall.

Through the historic relics and feel the culture


The mountain clusters listed as UNESCO World Heritage during 2000. The cultural importance of this location is unequivocal and the importance of this land is being noticed by the foreign and local tourists. As a result quite lots of tourists throng in to this place to enjoy the natural and historical wonders. This mountain is divided in to two parts. The front portion of the mountain is notably important for the historical reminiscences related to Taoism. The historical importance overlapped with religious activities of Taoism and Buddhism made this peak as a wonderful religious tourist destination. 15 square kilometers of the areas are rich with historical relics. Tiansi Cave, Zushi Temple, Laojunge Temple, Yuqinggong Temple, Shangqinggong Temple and Chaoyang Cave are some of the mind blowing attraction of this location.

Moving in and out of Mount Qingcheng



Well connected thoroughfares make the trip to Dujiangyan city much easier. Reaching to the railway terminal Chengdu city is an easy option of commutation within China. High speed rail network are efficient and quick. Ticket reservation is also comparatively cool. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is well connected with domestic and international services. Foreign tourist can opt for flying down to the city and from the airport they can either engage taxi service or luxury bus service or even ordinary bus service to reach the Qingcheng area. Cost per person to visit the mountain ride is Yuan 90. Boating tickets will cost Yuan 10 extra. The entry is opened from 8 am to 5.30 pm.

Mesmerizing locations



The cable car facilities give you a wonderful option to ride over the hill and absorb the panoramic views. State of the art technologies are used to give the tourist the maximum comfort and protection while the over the rope rides. The backside of the temple is less crowded. Climbing to the top of the hill is a 3 to 5 hour journey. A ride by boat is an added enthralling experience. Also one can have serene experience of waterfalls. The rear mountain is 15 kilometer away from the front mountain. Both these mountains are connected by thoroughfare and good bus services are available to commute the tourists. It is an excellent location for hiking and rendezvous. With lush tea plantations and streams, this is an ideal location for a romantic courting. The Five Dragon Gorge adds up the spectacular importance of Mount Quingcheng.


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