Ordos Grassland – A Splendid Tourist Attraction

The Ordos Grassland one of the splendid tourist destination is located 12 kilometer west of Hangjinqui County. This is part of Ordos Prefecture and has magnificent grass landscapes that can capture tourists inner motions. Formerly known as Ih Ju League was inhabited by Mongolians more than 35,000 years is evidently show case the cultural importance of this location. Tourist can even find reminiscences of Qin Dynasty which ruled this part of the country during 221-206 BC. Today this area is awarded AAA status related to scenic beauty and tourist importance. This tourist attraction beauty spot is situated within the geographical territory of Hangjin Banner in the Ordos city. This city is just 9 kilometers away from Xini Town.


Reaching Ordos Grassland

The proximity of the city is limited by taxi or independently arranged rented vehicles. No train services are available. Taxi and rented vehicle services are available from Ordos city. A word of caution to the visitors, as the place is located within the Inner Mongolia area one can expect harsh weather conditions. There will wild variation of temperature between day and night. Warm clothing is very necessary and also tourists are advised to carry moisturizing lotions to keep their skin protected from the scotching sunlight. This is one of the driest areas in China.


Desert activities

There are lots more activities are waiting for the tourist to their surprise. Daily dancing and singing performances are conducted by the ethnic locals in their traditional dress. Visitors will be getting the rare opportunities to mingle and dance with the performers. Good lodging and recreation facilities are one of the welcome features to make the trip a memorable one. Horse riding and archery are the sports specialties. The mystiques, green lush view of the medows are one of the surprises waiting for the visitors in the Gobi desert. Visitors will be getting the rare opportunity to watch the nearly extinct Relict Gull species in the desert park.

The Ordos Grassland area is ploughed by lots of rivers and streams. Baiyu Shan Mountains ends just in the beginning portion of the Ordos Grassland. The land is not fertile for agricultural purpose. This area is known for the largest cashmere processing plant in the world and cashmere is imported from Outer Mongolia to supply the wool-processing plants. The tourist areas are the house for about 200 yurts. Apart from the recreation and sports arrangements Ordos Grassland Tourist Area offers business discussion and meeting facilities. The Grassland is divided in the different sections to meet various demands. In part the visitors can see the temple life and some other part are dedicated for annual Arts Festival.


The difference is real

This tourism zone is characterized to reflect the Ordos Ethnic Performance and their customs to the world. It is indeed a show case considering one of the very ancient known civilizations. Each zone is focused on providing various requirements of a tourists and business class, as a result facilities for performance, rest, catering, Mongolia Memorial Service, Horse ride and archery and Mongolian customs zone are created. There are about 100 different Mongolian style dwellings are arranged in the desert for comfortable stay and leisure.

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