Qiandao Lake – The Man Made Archipelagos

The man made Qiandao Lake is situated in Chun’an County, Zhejiang, China. The lake is spread over 573 square kilometers and is considered as the largest man made water reservoir in the world. The lake is created after the completion of Xin’an River Hydroelectric project in 1959. There are 1,078 small and large islands clustered in the lake. The water is considered as pure and very clean and hence being used for mineral water. The famous brand Nongfu Spring mineral water is the produce of Qiandao Lake water. Lush green forests and exotic location add beauty of this wonderful lake and the archipelagos.


Commutation is easy from Shanghai


Since the proximity of Hangzhou is very close to Shanghai, it would be quite easy to travel from Shanghai to Qiandao Lake. Tourist can board bus from the South Bus Station of Shanghai which is situated near to the South Railway Station of Shanghai. The journey will take 4 hours to fetch tourists to Qiandao Lake. Alternatively, tourists can opt for High Speed train services from Shanghai to Hangzhou, which will be covered in 1 hour time and from there fetch a bus to Qiandao Lake. The bus journey will take 2 hours to take you to Qiandao Lake from Hangzhou. Regular bus services are available from Hangzhou in every hour to Qiandao Lake. Travel arrangements are comparatively good which makes the journey to the lake an easy one.


Know the History 

This lake is the byproduct of Xin’an River Dam project, the first dam which is constructed more than 100 meter height in China. The power plant has a production capacity of 845MW shows the magnanimity of the project. As part of filling the reservoir the entire valley of Wu Shi Mountain flooded with water and the complete Shi Cheng city flooded permanently. This city had a history backing to AD 208 and today is a hot place for under water tourism. The submerged city is laying 26-40 meter below to the water level. There are week end water diving tours operations are being offered to the tourists.


Nominal entry fee is charged 

The entry fee during March to November is CNY 150 per person and CNY 120 during December to February. The best season to visit the lake is during autumn and winter. The weather will be fine, with less rain falls. The cool atmosphere and clear water make your trip more enjoyable and filled with fun. One of the specialty foods is sea foods which are really sumptuous. Memorabilia like ink stones, chains and tags made of pearls are really nice. Also, you can get traditional embroidered hemp products. It is a different world with buzzing activities, eco tourism, and a cruising and beautiful lake side hotel makes your trip a wonder experience in your life.


These pearl islands become so popular due to its eco diversities. Steep mountains, sparkling clear water, unusual stones, exotic caves etc are all the unique features tourists can find during their trip to Qian Dao explorations. The area is divided in to five sections, the first one the Southeast Lake District, the central Lake District, the Southwest Lake District, Fuxi Stone Forest and the Northwest Lake district. Going through the importance of each district, the tourists can plan their cruise ventures according to the time availability to spend here. As there are beautiful and affordable accommodations available, tourists can plan a long vacation and honeymoon trips here.


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