The Lijiang River – River Cruise with Memorable Experiences

The Lijiang River is also known as Li River located in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous region of China. The river stretches from Guilin to Yangshuo 83 kilometers. A cruise through the river will be the most memorable one. The serenity of the location with peak Karst on every bend of the river is unequivocal. The river begins its journey from Mao’er Mountains and run through the Guilin and flow down to Pingle through Yangshuo. At Pingle the river merges with Lipu River and flows further down to south. The main attraction of Lijiang River is the river cruise starting from Guilin to Yangshuo.


One of the top 10 watery wonders: 

The river is adjudged as one of the top 10 watery wonders in the world by America National Geographic Magazine. The river flows to the south eastern direction covering a distance of 437 kilometers merges finally with Xi River at Wulin. Out of the entire stretch, the 83 kilometer cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo is the most fantastic experience. Steep cliffs, breath taking view of natural caves and fabulous landscapes give you one of the tough, rare experiences in life. The trip would be more adventurous than a water cruise. Guilin landscapes are with thick green meadows. Most of the world dignitaries have found time to visit this natural wonder during their busy schedule.


The cruise has three sections:

The cruise is typically divided in to three sections. Experience guides will shred lights to legendary folk stories and name of mountains and caves. The first section of the cruise will be covering Guilin to Ox Gorge. This will include, Elephant Trunk Hill, Rooster Fighting Hill, Pagoda Hill, Forest of Odd Shaped Peaks, Daxu Ancient Town and Ox Gorge. 

The second stage starts from Ox Gorge to Water Dropping Village. This area is one of the beautiful location consisting, Wangfu Rock, Crown Cave, Half side Ferry, Yangdi Village, Mural Hill, Yellow Cloth Shoad and Xing ping Town.


Third and final stage starts from Water Dropping Village to Yangshuo. The locations are also beautiful landscapes and they are named as Snail Hill, Green Logus Peak and Schoolboy Hill.

Cruising through the Li River: 

Reaching to Guilin city will ease up the travel plan to Li River. The nearest best city is Guilin. The city is well connected by air, train, and bus and water ways. Daily flights are available to Liangjiang International Airport from all major cities of China, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Seoul and Osaka. 

Two railways stations at Guilin make your train journey more comfortable. The main station is Guilin Station in the city centre and Guilin North Station is bit far from the city. Train form the major cities are passing through Guilin.


Bus services are available from Yangshuo and there are frequent mini bus services. Tourist can also reach to Guilin by cargo boat service from Guangzhou. There are no passenger boat services available. 

Cruising fee:

Cruising service from Li River to Guilin is available throughout the year. The climate sunny, cloudy or misty it has its own charm to enjoy. There are three type of cruise facilities are available. The bamboo boat is the cheapest one which will cost your CNY 180 per head. The trip includes two and half hour cruise and three hour road journey. The trips are conducted during day time. 

Ordinary Cruise will be cost CNY 350 per head. The journey will start in the morning and will be lasting about four hours. 

Luxury boat services are offered for CNY 450 per head and the trip will start in the morning. The cruise will last for about 4 hours. 

Lijiang River is by and far is the best beautiful tourist location in China. Tourists who wish to have adventure and fun must visit this beautiful location.


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