Tongnan Rape Flower Festival

Tongnan County is located in Chongqing Municipality of Southwest China. This beautiful scenic spot is a tourist travel destination and most famous for its rape flower festival. People visit Tongnan during March to be a part of this wonderful hilarious festival. The popularity of rape flower festival has reached its heights during the past few years. The festival conducted in March 2013 has attracted many visitors.


Tongnan – the largest producer of rape flower

Tongnan is situated nearly 2 hours north to city of Chongqing. In Tongan, the main centre of the rape plantations is at Chongkan. Tongnan is the largest producer of rape flowers in Chongqing with a production that amounts of three hundred thousand mu. To provide further support to the visitors, the government has taken several measures. They have constructed sightseeing pavilions, fresh paths, and organized cruises. For the convenience of visitors, it is possible to rent the hot air balloons. A day visit to Tongnan will cost a small amount only. Every year, several thousands of tourists are attracted by beauty of the rape flowers.


Striking scenery

Tongnan attracts people from home as well as abroad for this rape flower festival and also for its cultural heritage in the entire Chongqing. The striking scenery of main three gorges can be explored by Yangtze River Cruise. There are several attractions nearby such as several art works, Gold Buddhist Mountain, Dazu rock carvings, Chongqing Zoo, Three Gorges Museum, and more. All these are always worth a trip.


Easy to reach Chongqing

It is very easy to reach Chongqing as its port city. Being a modern city, it offers almost all means of transportation essential. This commercial city cum tourist destination is in top reaches of River Yangtze. One can even travel by boat to watch the beautiful rape flowers in Tongnan. The Han population and countless ethnic groups at this location are always ready to assist the travellers to Chongqing. There is a train station at Chongqing. From almost all places, long distance buses do travel to municipality of Chongqing. As per the recent amendments in travel regulations declared in January 2014, the passport holders of nearly fifty one nations and regions such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark and more are permitted to have a visa free stay while having international transfer through Jiangbei International airport. The maximum time allowed for this stay is to a maximum of seventy two hours. One can reach Tongnan by bus for nearly thirty eight Chinese Yen from the bus station in Chongqing.

Finding a suitable accommodation

There are lot many hotels in Chongqing city that ranges for dormitory pattern to three star hotels, and higher options. On basis of budget, travellers can easily choose the right one. The bars in this city are generally underpopulated and therefore offers and pleasant atmosphere. Once can get different local beers and traditional dishes from Tongnan County in Chongqing. The hotpot dishes available in Tongnan are in fact world famous. Sichuan cuisine is very popular here. Even the street vendors provide thrilling spicy delicacies. Spring and winter are the best season to visit Chongqing.  Plan you trip in advance and make sure you don’t miss the flower festival.






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