Weizhou Island – the Nature’s Aquarium

Weizhou Island is youngest as well as biggest volcanic island in China. It is situated twenty one nautical miles away from Beihai City in Tnkin Gulf, which is a South China Sea arm. It covers approximately twenty five square kilometers area, with six kilometers from north to south and five kilometers from east to west. Now, this island is recognized as a national park too. It was formed due to volcanic eruptions that happened nearly seven thousand years ago. It possesses a distinct geomorphologic and geological landscape with a sea around rich with various aquatic animals and corals. The subtropical monsoon weather causes it to have mild winters and moderate summers.


Main features

Weizhou Island is also known by the name Great Penglai. It has rich and untouched natural scenery like coral reefs, volcanic lava, superb crater, and several special of rare vegetation. The cliffs are covered with big cacti and upright pines. Most of the cliffs are having height of several tens of meters. The sea birds do perch on coral reefs and hover over sea waves. Costal landforms appear very attractive. The sea currents, tides and waves have eroded rocks at coast and have given different forms like pillars, caves and trenches.

Seawater surrounding this island is perfectly green as jade. Looking at great distance, it slowly changes the color from green to blue and at further distance to dark blue till it merges into sky. The limpid sea offers a clear vision of different sea creatures and corals. The sand on seashore is pure yellow and it contrasts with green sea sharply. The wildlife of Weizhou Island includes crabs, seals, jellyfish, sea cows, snails, dolphins, squid, whales, and sea horses. It has attained a great label as Nature’s Aquarium. Every fishing boat does berth at Nanwan which is in fact a natural bay shaped after a main volcanic eruption.


Fishing Village

Fishing Village at Weizhou Island is attractive. It boasts rustic and pleasant scenery. The native fishing folk of this island with no irritating salesmen runs towards travelers visiting the island, just as it happens in any other attractive spot. There is a catholic church built with coral stones, wood and earthen tiles. This church is very fascinating one and was constructed in 1869 by the French Catholics. There are many affiliated buildings like school, orphanage, monastery and hospital here. The conventional fishing village and church with western style forms a pleasant-sounding whole. The other attractions nearby are Shengmu Temple, Sanpo Temple, etc. The famous tourist activities at Weizhou Island are photography, swimming, being with fishing community of island, walking on beach, diving, exploring the island, and more.


Travel Tips

The fee to enter Weizhou Island is just ninety Yuan generally. But, the rate is reduced to sixty five Yuan in off season of winter. This fee has to be paid when one enter Weizhou Island at XiJiao MaTou harbor. This ticket will cover permission to move inside the entire island. It is valid for a complete stay. It is possible to reach island by boat. It takes less than three hours from Beihai Port to island by boat. Ferries are available everyday from Beihai at specific scheduled time. Moto tricycles for rent, motor scooter, and bicycles will help tourists to get around the Weizhou Island. 


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