Yangshuo – An Incredible Spot for Exploration

Yangshou County is a well known tourist destination located approximately twenty kilometers from Guilin in Guangxi province. It is surrounded by several winding rivers, Karst Mountains and attractive scenery. This county serves as incredible base camp to have more exploration. The county covers an area of one thousand four hundred twenty eight square kilometers.


On one side, Yangshou County is bordered by River Li. This place is accessible very easily by boat or bus from Guilin. During eighties, Yangshou Town was well known among foreign backpackers. In nineties, the number of tourists increased. In early twenty first century, the domestic travelers outnumbered the foreign visitors by a huge margin. At present, this town has changed to be a popular resort destination among foreign as well as domestic travelers.

Rock Climbing in Yangshou

There are several spots in Yangshou that is perfect for rock climbing. Nearly two hundred routes are found in climbing guidebook of Yangshou County, prepared by great Paul Collis. Everyday fresh routes are also established. These places are accessible by bicycle, taxi van and public bus. The well known among all these cliffs is the Moon Hill that has many graded lines. The other noted cliffs are Twin Gates, The Egg, Wine Bottle Cliff, Low Mountain, Baby Frog and Bamboo Groves.


Major attractions

There are several attractions in Yangshou. The remarkable ones are Yangshou Moon Hill, cycling at countryside, learning class for getting Chinese cuisine skills, West Street perfect for shopping, Kayaking, Taichi learning from great masters, Yangshou Park, Big Banyan tre, Longmen water cave, Jiuxian Village, Chaolong, Liugong Town, Green Lotus Park, Butterfly cave, Longtang Town, Snow Lion Hill, Shangri-la, Fuli Town, Yulong River, Bamboo boat rafting in River Yulong, popular national show depicting the image of Sanjie Liu, well known dishes like beer fish, crispy river shrimp, oil tea, field snails, Chinese grapefruit, and many more.

Shopping at Yangshou County

In Yangshou, the most popular and ancient commercial center is West Street. It is packed with lively shops, makeshift markets, and booths along walkways for pedestrians. People who wish to get a souvenir with regional charm will definitely begin shopping here to attain funny and distinct items. Paintings, masks, handcrafts, painted fans, puppets and t-shirts that are image painted are common items that people purchase from this street. There are certain regional specialties that make people love shopping at Yangshou County.


Apart from sightseeing, the great specialty of Yangshou is its nightlife. West Street is noted for the liveliest and excellent times in the entire county. During daytime, it is very traditional as well as subdued. This place is filled with multicolored neon signs, spirited bars, and elegant restaurants at night. The parties are so entertaining with a perfect chill and relaxing scene. Lively music and tasty food are highlights of Yangshou. There are many clubs and bars in this county. The live show that is based on real life of Liu Sanjie, who was a well known folk heroine, is popular in China. Travelers will never be disappointed by lights, natural beauty, the music and dancing of people residing at Yangshou.


Travel Tips

There is no airport in Yangshou. The one nearest to this place is Guilin Liangjiang International Airport. Guilin railway station is the one nearest to Yangshou. Express buses and minibuses are available frequently. Boats also travel down Li River regularly. The best period to travel to this spot is during spring and autumn season that is generally in March –May and September – December respectively. 


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