The Tang Dynasty Palace – A Unique Spot to Know Chinese Ancient Cultural Entertainments

The Tang Dynasty Palace is an important cultural event location established in 1988 exclusively stages the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show having international acclamation. This is situated very close to the Xi’an city center. This is the first cultural entertainment show restaurant where only the ancient Tang Dynasty cultural activities are recreated for the customers. Live orchestras are being used to create the authentic feel of ancient times. The theme theatre is unique due to its identical nature. Lots of efforts are being applied in each and every detail, including the costume and lighting. It would be indeed a splendid experience waiting for you.


Re-visit Chinese ancient history:

The Tang Dynasty Palace is famous for the cultural show being carried out on a regular basis every night. With a very large auditorium it can hold 650 guests at a single time. The spacious venue is about 2,700 square meters in size. Performance supported with ancient music with live instruments and typical costumes replicated to the ancient times would take you back to history of China. The great experience is bit expensive but it is worth and rarest one can have in their life.


Tang Dynasty existed during 618 to 907 has left colorful impact of life and entertainment to the new generation. Many ancient art forms are re-created through the folklore, imitated with imagination, is applied with true to the sense and best belief. Tang Dynasty was considered as the most prosperous, rich cultural era of ancient China. Every effort has been made to maintain the traditional art form in its glamour in each and every micro element of the culture. 

Cultural entertainments include dance and music which are clear expression of joy and sorrow. Majority entertainment themes are developed from the happy moments of live just to enjoy the situation. People dance and song after good harvest or before harvest. People dance and song as a token of presentation to their God, their happiness. Nothing can be taken in logical sense to find out reason. It is simply an entertainment to reflect the joyful mood of the society. Rulers contributed their efforts by supporting and promoting cultural events. They used their ruling powers by appointing official dancers and musicians under their payroll, to make the events more glamorous.


Art forms are evolved from various experiments and transferred to the new generation. Our ancestors left murals, sculptures, painting, inscriptions which were helpful in re-creating the cultural events. During Tang Dynasty the cultural activities amalgamated with foreign cultural entertainment infusing. The cultural activities are, if looked closely can be seen influences of other cultures prevalent during those time of contemporary art forms. 


Situated at No. 75, North Chang’an Road in Xi’an city, it is easy to reach here. It will cost only CNY 15 to 20 to reach to the theater complex. If you can simply say, Tang Yue Gong then the taxi driver can take you to the theater complex without any confusion. Also it is easy to walk from Shaanxi Stadium station or from Nanshao Gate. You can also board in regular bus service operating in this route. Travel experience will be more fun, if you can engage and interact with the locals. The regular show starts at 20:30 to 21:40 and the dinner will be served between 18:50 to 20:10. So make it happen and be part of the show.


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