Diaoshuilou Waterfall – Volcanic By Product

Diaoshuilou Waterfall is the 3rd largest waterfall in China located in the southwestern part of Ningan County in Heilongjiang Province. The waterfall is 40 meters in wide and very close to Jingbo Lake. Water from the waterfall is flowing in to Mudanjiang River. The roaring sound of the water pound at the plunge pool below can be heard kilometers far. The waterfall is formed naturally due to the volcanic eruptions hundreds of years before. People call the waterfall as the mini Niagara Fall. The crashing waterfall splashes up a misty haze of white fine water droplets, forms like a white ribbon like mist in the sky. It is a vivid experience to watch the nature’s spectacular show as if the Milky Way were flowing down to the pool.


Lots of naturally beautiful locations are surrounded in the waterfall location. Some of the interesting thing you can watch here are the Chingpo Hill Resort, Lake Pavillion, Flying Rainbow Bridge, Black Stone Cliff and Jingo Lake. 

Chingpo Hill Resort:

Three kilometer away from the waterfall is located the Chingpo Hill Resort. This is a good starting point where tourist can meet together and move ahead. 

Lake Pavilion:

Situated at the bottom of the Lonquan Mountain, this is a relaxation point. The sceneries are so beautiful.


Flying Rainbow Bridge:

Before tourist can reach close to the waterfall, they can pass by the bridge. View over the bridge is very much captivating. While walking along the trails they can experience the rich greeneries surrounded the area. Because of the dense greeneries, the heat will not be felt even in summer time. Tourists can hear the thunder roar of the waterfall from this point of attraction. The closer you get to the waterfall, you will be thrilled beyond expression. 

Black Stone Cliff:

During off season the flow of water from the mountains to the waterfall will be minimal. The pool of water at the bottom of the fall will be crystal clear. When the surge of waterfall is low, the sound produced by the waterfall will be echoed by deflecting on the rocks. Tourist can experience the echo by producing their own sounds.

Jingbo Lake:

The meaning of Jingbo Lake is Mirror Lake. The name is synonymous to the pristine condition of the water in the lake. The lake is having beautiful greeneries surrounding it make as one of the beautiful locations. To add the glamour of the location, you can see various types of birds, animals and insects.


Reaching to the location:

Tourists can reach to Mudanjiang by train from Haerbin. From Mudanjiang it is easy to negotiate by taxi or tourist coach service to the waterfall area. The taxi running time is 90 minutes from Mudanjiang to Jingpo Hu. From there it will take another 90 minutes to the waterfalls area. You can also board in private speed boats that are available at the Gate to the Jingpo Lake Scenic Area or venture in to a tourist bus service. The site is opened from 8:00 am to 16:00 pm and visit is allowed against RMB 15 per person. The best time to visit the waterfall is during summer season. Ideally you can plan your visit during September so that you can watch the strong surge of water that crash down.


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