Siberian Tiger Park – The Best Natural Protected Park in the World

Siberian Tiger Park is developed in the banks of River Songhua in Harbin city, the capital of Heilongjiang province, in People’s Republic of China. The purpose of the park is to protect the endangered species of Siberian Tigers which is called “the King of the Forest’. Spread over 1,440,000 square meters, this is the largest forest park in the world. The park was built in 1996. The project is a successful demonstration of China’s effort onprotecting endangered species in an open enclave.


Siberian Tiger Park has a focused vision

The concept originatedwhen the world was debating on the ways and means how to protect endangered species. It is pertinent to point out that many creatures are endangered due to ruthless huntingby humans and environmental changes. We have already permanently lost many species. Great efforts and concentrated initiative has to be taken to protect the endangered creatures. The focused vision you can see in Siberian Tiger Park and this park is listed as the world class animalprotection institution in China. 

Many more animals other than Siberian Tigers

Siberian Tiger Park is boastful about its position in conserving endangered species. This is the biggest natural forest park in the world protecting wild Siberian Tigers. All kind of hunting and trespassing are strictly prohibited in this area. However, it is a well-known location for holidaying. The park is having splendid natural back up to flourish by itself for ecotourism. Apart from Siberian Tigers, you will be surprised to see other rare animals such as lions, lynx black pumas, Bengali tigers, white tigers and leopards. There are about 500 Siberian tigers are habituated in the forest and as many as 100 tigers are visible anytime for tourists.


Ten sectors

Siberian Tiger Park has driven in touring facilities. Tourist can go deep in to the forest in wire mesh protected vehicles. This will give a rare chance to meet eye to eye with the wild beast to have your adrenalin level go high. The park is divided in to 10 sectors and each sector is having its own identity features. The sectors are the mature tiger area, the young tiger area, the king tiger area etc. Also there are elevated walking and viewing bay where visitors can have safe view of the tigers. Keep binoculars to have clear close up view of the tigers. 

Enough space is allotted for mature tigers. Their habitant sector is is about 360,000 square meters. Here you can see the wild tigers roaming with full vengeance in their eyes. The average age of the mature tigers that you can see is about 7-8 years old. Young tigers are very playful. They are about 2 years old. So cute is to watch them and indeed a wonder experience to enjoy the beauty of these candid creatures. You can also see lions mingling with the tigers very friendly.


Plan your visit

A quick visit could be completed in an hour time but if you are interested in having rare view of animals and other species you would have to spend more than one hour in this picturesque location. Entry of the park is CNY 90 for adult and CNY 50 for children. The park is opened between 9:00am to 16:00pm. Transportation of the park is available from Harbin bus terminal and also by tourist bus service. The recommended season to visit the parks is during summer and winter. 


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