Dong Shu Lin Monastery – The Relics of Ancient History on the Mountain Valley

Dong Zhu Lin Monastery is situated in Benzilan Town in the Deqin County, People’s Republic of China. This is one of the 13 ancient Lama Monasteries built in China during 1667. The monastery is constructed on the low slope of Baimang Snow Mountain is about 3,000 meters above the sea level. This is a magnificent complex spread around looks like a small town ship when looked from far distance. The monastery was rebuilt during 1985. This is the second largest monastery in Dong Zhu Lin. Four hours drive by taxi from Shangri-La to Dong Zhu Lin will take you to the wonderful location for 500 Yellow Hat Sect of monks are settled in and around the valley.


Holiday excitements:

Surrounded with beautiful mountains and fantastic landscape this is an ideal location for sightseeing and trekking. Tourist can find out decent accommodation near the complex. August is filled with lot of jubilations and celebrations especially during 28th and 29th of August. There shall be exotic celebrations in line with the Chinese Lunar Calendar holiday excitements.  You can hire local guides from the monks, who can speak in an average communication in English and they will charge you CNY 30 for their service.Image

Bit history:

Chong Chong Gang was the first name of Dong Zhu Lin Monastery and the meaning depicts in Tibetan dialect is known as Crane Lake. During the initial stage Chong Chong Gang was a Monastery of Kagyupa and had only 16 Lamas. During the war between Gulugpa and Guquin Monastery, it was annexed with Gulugpa and merged in 1667 with 7 small monasteries of Dong Zhu Lin Monastery. During Qing Dynasty the popularity of monastery increased and it had been noted that there were 700 lamas and 10 Buddhas lived in the monastery.


Magnificent views inside the Monastery:

Inside the Dong Zhu Lin Monastery, you can find the rich cultural relics of Buddha thoughts and religion. Various statues of Maitreya Buddha, White Drolma, The three worlds of Buddhas, Manjusri – the ruler of hell, 18 Arhats statues and various stories related Buddha. Being a cultural abode of Buddha religion and thoughts the monastery is flagged with lot of dangles, flags, artistic paintings, religious instruments and sculptures also can be seen here. 

The Thangka painting of the pivot attraction you can see in the monastery. In the Thangka scroll painting you can see the portrait of a Buddhist Guardian. The painting is having a length of 8.5 meters and width of 5.2 meters. This is rolled out only during the Gedong Festival during December as per the Tibetan Calendar.

Travel tips:

If you are planning for a tour to Dong Zhu Lin Monastery, it is better to organize it from Shangri La. There are only two regular bus services are operating between Zhongdian and Deqen which is plying through Dong Zhu Lin Monastery. It is highly suggested to engage taxi or tourist bus service to reach to the Monastery. The best season to visit the monastery is during regional festival days and national festival days.


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