Dongchuan Red Soil – A Palette on Earth

The best and most splendid red land across the globe is at Dongchuan red land located near Kunming in Yunnan province. Yunnan is situated in humid and warm region of south western China. Specifically, this red land is situated in Luoxia Valley also known as Luoxiagou. The beauty of this spot is appreciated by millions of travellers from different parts of the world. This land is very massive and has all the general features linked to highland plateau in Yunnan. The hues are very colourful and gorgeous. It is praised as palette on earth and therefore, much preferred by hikers, photographers, and backpackers.


Multicoloured bright land:

Dongchuan red land is very rich in the iron content. Several years of oxidation as well as sedimentation aid in slow breakdown into attractive reddish brown product. This area is a huge region with red land that is situated in Xintian Town to Kunming’s north east. From month of September to December, portion of Dongchuan red land is being ploughed every year for planting while remaining portion of red soil land is planted with different crops already. The entire multicoloured bright land with white clouds, blue skies, and varying hues offers an attractive view always.

Though Dongchuan red land was discovered in twentieth century, its location was kept as a secret by certain photographers of China, who expected to get award winning images for the red land. Any visitor who comes to Dongchuan red land for first time will be impressed deeply by gorgeous views. It is a land in various colours like bright red, deep red, purple and more and also covers lot of mountains that counts to thousands. The blowing wind makes the plants wave tenderly and this offers a great experience to the people. Dongchuan red land is a colourful picture that is drawn perfectly by nature. When it is viewed from any position or angle, it appears just as oil painting rather than Chinese painting.


Inexplicable beauty:

Dongchuan red land can never be explained just by the words like breathtaking, attractive, wonderful, photo generic, etc. It has to be experienced by a real visit. The strong colours of yellow, blue, red, gold, white, green, etc remind people about the oil paintings of Van Gough. When viewed from long distance, fields look as if it has various red shades. The bloomed flowers on hill sloes along with golden wheat blades create colourful layers. The most attractive spot in Dongchuan red land is Luoxiagou also known by the name Sunset Clouds Ditch. At this spot, sunset clouds stay.The beauty of this place is inexplicable. The beauty varies with sunlight, winds, viewing angles, clouds and plantation.


Travel Tips:

The appropriate time to visit Dongchuan red land for taking pictures is in May, June, October and November. The snowy winter offers different scenery only. During winter, roads are generally blocked due to frozen condition. One can get bus from Kunming to Huagou and get down at Dongchuan red land. Since sunrise as well as sunrise at Dongchuan red land is engaging, visitors are advised to get up early morning and be back late. 


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