First Bend of the Yangtze River

First Bend of the Yangtze River is a sterling tourist attraction of Yangtze River. Yangtze River is the third largest and longest river in the world originated from Qinghai and Tibet Plateau. The river flows through the central part of China towards southeast. Outside Lijiang off 44 kilometers the river is formed in to a “V” shaped bend due to the peculiar geographical conditions and flow towards northeast. This unusual twist of the river which is about 180 degrees is a splendid view, in the back ground with beautiful sceneries. The river turns in to a slow, rhythmic dancing queen and in the back ground you can see the lush green meadows. The steep mountains are filled with dense willow trees add up the glamour.


Stone Drum Town

The whole scenery of the natural bend of the river put a stamp of nature’s skill and color to the visitors. This is the only such bend in the world with so such surreal beauty. You can see a man made beautiful historical town on the mountain at the river bend called Stone Drum Town. The town is developed on a drum shaped marble plaque. It was built in commemoration of the victory of Lijiang’s Naxi ruler against the invading Tibetan army. It is believed to be constructed during Jiaqing era during 1548-1561 in the Ming Dynasty. The stone has a rip mark and as per the local myth, during any war time the stone will rupture and reunite after the war. 


Historical importance:

This is an important strategic point during ancient times. As per historians, many famous Dynasties used this point as a successful military movement location either to resist an invasion or expand the geographic territory of the Dynasty. It could be read out from the historical relicts and testimonials that Zhuge Liang the famous military commander of the Three Kingdoms Period used this point to cross the Yangtze River and drive his army successfully. There are historical evidences to confirm the bend was used during Yuan Dynasty by Kublai Khan to ferry his soldiers across the river. In the modern history of China, in April 1936 the Revolutionary Guards have also used this route to march further north ward to establish their supremacy and created the new China – The People’s Republic of China.


Good location for hiking:

The First Bend of the Yangtze River tour is permitted against an entry fee of CNY 30 per head. Tourist can engage in to sightseeing and trekking. The bend is 50 kilometer away from the town Lijiang. It would be a wonderful feeling to walk along the banks of River Yangtze and experience the thrill of ancient time. 

You can engage in to lot of tourist activities such as shopping, boating, hiking and relaxing in the Naxi restaurants with traditional Naxi foods. The best season to enjoy rain and mist is during June to September. Keep warm cloths. And if you want to avoid rainy season you can also plan your trip during May. The bend is about 2,000 meter above sea level. Tourists will definitely have one of their best experiences in the high altitude natural wonder.


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