Lancang Lahu Autonomous County

Lancang Lahu Autonomous County is under authority of Pu’er City located in Yunnan province of China. It is also known by the name Lan Xang. On the eastern border of this county is Mekong River. It is adopted by advanced Laos. Lan Xang in Tai language means Million Elephants. The term Lahu is developed from word ‘La’ in Lahu language, which means tiger. The word ‘hu’ means barbeque. Thus, it is also nicknamed as nationality hunting for tigers. The major proportion of people in Lancang Lahu Autonomous County has Lahu ethnicity. The language spoken by the people is Lahu Language. This county covers a total area of eight thousand eight hundred and seven square kilometres, offering it second largest county based on area. Lancang Lahu Autonomous County is having an international border of nearly eighty kilometres with Shan State of Burma.


No winter in Lancang Lahu Autonomous County

This place is in fact heavily mountainous. It is located along Hengduan Mountains. The variations in elevations can be seen in this county. In Xincheng Township, the highest spot Mount Malihei is located with height of 2,516 meters. The lowest point is situated in the Yakou Township with a height of five hundred seventy eight meters above sea level. Since it is located below Tropic of Cancer, it has different climatic elements, which include both humid subtropical weather conditions as well as tropical wet and dry typical weather. Normally, it is humid. The summer season is very long, and there is no winter season nearly. But, Lancang Lahu Autonomous County has dry season from month of December to April and a wet period from month of May to October.

Lancang Lahu Scenic Area

This scenic region is rated as National AA level area. The main attractive spots are Folk Custom Park, Culture – History – Custom Museum, Lahu Square, Sculpture group of Lahu Juveniles, and more.


The custom park displays the Lahu art, history, traditions and culture. The entire park covers three hundred mu, displaying a magnificent view with hundred mu of dense vegetation, clear water, and beautiful lakes. It is recognized as an awesome spot for recreation as well as fitness for individuals wishing to have some relaxation on their holidays. It is one of the classic tourist places in this county. This is an outstanding demonstration of place that is jointly constructed by civilian as well as military. The distinct folk architecture and the multi coloured folk cultural acts will refresh the knowledge of travellers easily. It improves the knowledge on Lahu culture, people and the entire place.

In the central portion of the custom park, there is a revolutionary Martyrs monument which was constructed in memory of the brave sacrificial victims who sacrificed their lives for Lancang’s liberation and defence. There is a huge playground which was former parade ground of troops in Lancang. This place is now used for playing as well as gathering during holidays. People fly kites, play spinning tops, and have walk and more in this ground.


Travel Tips:

One has to travel through China national highway 214 to reach Lancang Lahu Autonomous County. Regular bus services are available from Yunnan. 


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