The Five Connective Lakes

The Five connective Lakes otherwise known as Wudalianchi City located in the northern frontier of China is famous for volcano and mineral sediments flown out due the volcanic eruptions.The Five Connective Lakes is ranked as the second mineral spring city in the world and the first mineral spring city in Asia. Due to heavy deposits of mineral content in spring water, the city is considered as one of the top ten Cultural Tourism Star City in China in the year 2012. The locals use the spring water for drinking purpose.


Health advantages:

The mineral water of Five Connective Lakes is rich of chlorine carbonate and bicarbonate.Also micro elements such as manganese, iron and chromium are seen in the water. Due to the rich concentration of minerals, drinking this water is good for health. It can enhance digestion, blood and never system.A bath in the water can relieve you from skin diseases.

The City has got lot of accolades recently.It was the coveted winner of World class honors known as Geo Park and World Species Protection Area.It is also known as the ‘Natural Volcano Museum’. As per available historical evidences and documents the volcano was erupted during 1719 and 1721.After the effect of the volcanic eruption the flow of river Bai was disturbed and later formed Five Lakes Connecting which was interlinked naturally.


The city has a long very old history and historical evidences indicate that human inhabitant evidences dated back to 4,000 years. During 17th century BC to 221BC of Shang and Zhou Dynasty it was the home and residence location of Sushen clan. During Qing Dynasty of 1636 to 1912 the ethnic nomads, Daur community settled in the location.It is also could be read from the history that there was Han community also were settled in this part of the location. The two communities co-existed peacefully and were instrumental in forming the new mixed cultural entity.


Main tourist attractions:

Volcanic landscapes are the main attraction of this area. The mineral rich springs, grotesque stones, spectacular mountains, pristine water, the Five inter connected lakes are some of the main attraction of the location.The five interlinked lakes are well known for its historical importance and also known as natural museum of volcanic geology. Land marks such as Lava Ice Cave of Heibe, Shankou Scenic Resort, Dazhanhe National Forest Park, Yaoquan Mountain, and Yaoquanshan Zhongling Temple are also important tourist destinations. 

Travel Tips: 

There is no direct bus or train service to Five Connective Lakes. Travelers have to catch train from Harbin to Bei’an and get down at Wudalianchi. From Wudalianchi, regular bus service and tourist bus services are available. Outer country tourists can reach by flight to Harbin Taiping International Airport and board in to buses.The weather is mostly cold during the year but with a small summer break. The summer season won’t be too hot to handle.During January the temperature may fall to minus 24.7 degree Celsius.July is the hottest month and during July the temperature will reach to 21 degree Celsius.The best season to visit Five Connective Lakes is during May to September. 


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