Wusuli River – Explore the Untold Beauty of the River

Wusuli River also known as Ussuri River flows through the southeast region of China and Khabarovsk and Primosky Krais of Russia. The length of the river is 897 kilometers.The river is located in the eastern side of Heilongjiang Province, People’s Republic of China. Wusuli River originates from the Sikhote-Alin Mountains and runs to the north are part of Sino-Russian border as per the Sino Russian Treaty signed in 1860.The river joins with Amur River at Khabarovsk as a tributary.The source of water forming the river is mainly rain and snow.The river is located 1,682 meter above sea level. Wusuli River is notorious for massive floods.It freezes during November to April.


Wusuli River National Forest Park:

This is one of the attractive tourist destinations in Wusuli River area, covering an area of 25, 069 hectares consisting of thick lush forests, elevated aggraded valley plains and marsh lands. You can see about 400 different species of plants here.Some of the very rare and costly trees such as Wusuli catalpa trees and Wusuli apricot trees also can be seen here.The forest is home for 23 different varieties of animals such as red deer, otter, lynx and black bears. There are two bird sanctuaries inside the forest which is home for 52 different species of birds. Some of the rare birds such as, white storks, white tail seagulls and hooded cranes are also can be seen in the bird sanctuary.


Sino-Russia dispute:

Wusuli River was a reason for geographical dispute between China and Russia during 1960.Both countries were engaged in a very short military clash during in 1969. The issue was partially resolved by mutual engagement in 1977 and in the year 2004 the dispute was completed settled between the countries peacefully.


Boat Song:

Boat Song of Wusuli River is very famous folk song where it describes the lives of people who live in the border of Sino-Russia, their tradition, life style etc. Wusuli River is the only non polluted river in China.There are no proper road net works constructed to this area.Hence tourist influx is very low. However, people who like adventure tourism definitely consider this as an important destination. Especially, after the return of Heixiazi Island by Russia to China concentrated efforts are there to boost the tourism activities in this area.


One of the best attractions of the river is its purity of water.The water is crystal clear and deep blue.The season to visit the river is during autumn.During this season lot of migratory birds will use this place for a temporary settlement.You can identify long legged herons and egrets roaming around.The color of the river water turns in to golden color due the reflection of autumn leaves surrounding the river.


Travelling to Wusuli River is one of the biggest excitements. The beautiful mountains, tough terrain, rough weather are always spice up the trip.While travelling to this part, keep mosquito net or mosquito repellent, sleeping bags, rain coats, weather proof dresses and a good pair of hiking shoes. If you are happy to eat any type of food, you can enjoy lot of ethnic foods.Food won’t be an issue if you have the attitude to accommodate different food culture.


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