Manas County with Lots of Attractions

Manas County is also known by the name Manass. It is located in Xinjiang Uygur autonomous area in People’s Republic of China. This county is under control of Changji Hui autonomous prefecture. The total area of Manas County amounts to nine thousand one hundred and seventy four square kilometres. As per the census reports, it possesses a population over one hundred seventy thousand. The main nationalities found here are Han and Hui people. The seat of this county is ancient town of Manas which is situated on River Manasi in eastern part of Shihezi. It is well known as second largest city after Urumchi in the largest oasis located on biggest river on north road. It is an important centre of Dungan population also known as T’ung population.


Various attractions:

There are various attractions in Manas County. They are Manas Christian Church, Manas Xidasi, Beicheng Weizu Mosque, Manas Park and more. Manas Park is well known in Manas County. It is loved by several old and young people. They visit this place with couples in evening time mainly when there is no hot atmosphere. Near this park, there are several other attractions such as North lake park of Shizihe which is nearly sixteen kilometres far from Manas Park. The Junken Museum is located twenty kilometres away from this park. Another scenic spot is Wang Zhen Statue located approximately twenty kilometres from Manas Park. This park and nearby area is best area to have a stroll after having dinner.


History and culture:

Fenghuang Middle Road is a famous road in Manas County. There are various attractions here known for its history and culture. People at this location are bit traditional. They are ethnic as well as religious too. The climate is of continental type. It has typical dry weather with huge variations of temperature between day and night. Manas County has several tiny tourist spots to visit. It offers the best sightseeing. The scenery at this county is a must see to all travellers. Never forget to have local food prepared by the native families at Manas County. The important local products available are roast land, handmade yellow noodle, melons, roast whole sheep, hops and more. Hui people reside here and so this place is famous for various folk songs of Hui sect. The mountains near appears really beautiful. The colour changes according change in exposure to direct sunlight.


Travel Tips

This Manas County is well served by National Highway 312 of China in the northern part of Xinjiang. The train services are also active in Manas County. There is second Urumqi Jinghe railway in this county. The appropriate time to have a visit at Manas County is autumn and summer season. During the past few years, there has been great development in this county to promote the tourism. The construction of good roads is a significant step in this mission. There are various routes to reach Manas County by road. Summers at Manas County are really refreshing.


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