Mugecuo Scenic Area with Varying Colors

The Mugecuo scenic area is also known as Yeren Sea Scenic area. It is situated in northern Kangding County which is the capital of Ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture. This area is a portion of Gongge mountain area and has lot of attractive spots like Mugecuo River, Muge Dyke, and more. The area covers nearly twenty five kilometers in length and three hundred square kilometers in terms of area. It boasts plenty of amazing springs, primeval forests, precipitous peaks, lakes, azalea forests, fantastic rocks of beautiful Guanmen rock area, etc. These beautiful sceneries extend approximately 8 kilometers in length and offer travelers amazing scenery with distinct features.


Pool with curative effect

Inside this scenic area, there are mainly 4 hot springs. The well known hot spring is known as pool with curative effect. Here, temperature of spring water is eighty degree Celsius and is very much effective for the treatments of neuritis diseases and dermatitis. The famous Diaohaizi Lake in Mugecuo scenic region is accompanied by primitive lawn and forest. From one lake end, the spring water sprays out into lake water. This place is very lovely and loved by visitors to have a shower.


The Mugecuo scenic area is at a height of two thousand nine hundred to three thousand eight hundred meters above level of sea. This region consists of seven Color Sea, cuckoo valley, Honghai and Mugecuo grasslands and pool with healing effect. It is also considered as Minor Jiuzhai for beautiful grasslands, thick forests, Snow Mountain, and more. Mugecuo scenic area is also known as Wild Man Sea. It possesses biggest mountain lake that is at a height of two thousand meter over sea in Sichuan. The deepest portion is seventy meters deep. The mountains near lake have thick poplars as well as redwoods. One can fins Tibetan antelopes, bears, wild buffalo, wolf and deer in plenty inside these forests.

Seven Color Sea

It is formed by hot spring and lake water. Even in a day, the scenery changes. The lake appears as a mirror in morning with an inverted image of white cloud as well as blue sky. During afternoon, rolling wave of lake sounds just as thunder. While in evening time, lake water looks like gold. In various seasons, one can appreciate several sited that is formed by fog, cloud and water. Seven Color Sea is popular due to its transparent and crystal like water, and elegant quiet atmosphere. There are many amazinf sceneries here like Lotus Flower Afterglow, lotus flower in mist and inverted reflection of hump rock in water and more.


Travel Tips

The Mugecuo scenic area is located in Kangding County. The fee to enter this beautiful place if one hundred twenty Yuan. The opening hours is from 7.30 am to 4.30 pm. One can get a bus from Xinnanmen bus station located in Chengdu to Kangding County. Minibus and taxi services are available to reach the Mugecuo scenic area easily. 


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