Sayram Lake – a blessing in Xinjiang

Sayram Lake is located in Bortala prefecture of Xinjiang in China. It has a surface area of four hundred and fifty eight square kilometres and surface elevation of two thousand and seventy meters. It is situated near Tian Shan Mountains in China. In Kazak, the term Sayram has the meaning – blessing. It means lake on ridge in Mongolian language. It is also known by the name, Santai Haizi. Sayram Lake is biggest alpine lake and highest in Xinjiang.


Hearty love story

Sayram Lake stretches nearly twenty kilometres from east to west, while it covers thirty kilometres from the north to south. This fairyland possesses amazing natural scenery. Behind the history of Sayram Lake, it is believed to have a heart touching love story. The lake is believed to be formed by tears of a Kazak young loving couple who were in deep love. The beauty of girl captivated one cruel devil. This devil confined the girl. When girl attempted to escape, devil found out and went after her. The girl was forced much to jump into gulf. Hearing this tragic matter, boyfriend too jumped into the gulf in order to reunite with lover. The painful tears of this boy and girl are believed to have flooded in gulf to form the Sayram Lake.


So many nicknames

Sayram Lake has many nicknames. In olden days of history of China, it was known as clean sea. This lake is last region which humid and warm current of air of Atlantic Ocean reaches. Therefore, it is also called Atlantic Ocean’s last teardrop. The deepest spot in Sayram Lake measures ninety two meters. The chief source of water in this lake is ground water as well as rainwater. Apart from these sources, there are certain water flows from some tiny rivers too. The water in Sayram Lake is clear, peaceful and pure. It even mesmerizes the flocks of swans and ducks there. Flourishing cedar trees and cypress cover the entire range of mountains. Herds of sheep and horses can be seen grazing on green pastures. Cottages can also be views at foot hills near mountains surrounding the lake. All these offer a splendid as well as vivid view.

Enjoy Nadam Fair

The attractive scenery changes a lot according to seasons. During winter season, cold wind perfectly stirs a unlimited wave that splashes river banks. The mist is so heavy that it covers the snow capped mountains fully. During spring season, the slopes of mountains are covered with perfect green blanket that is dotted well with bright blooming flowers. The surface of lake water is much smooth, just like a mirror. In July –August months, the Mongolian people will celebrate Nadam Fair. This is joined by Kazaks too. In this fair, there will be dance programs, folk song performances, wrestling competitions, and horse racing.


Travel tips

The appropriate time to have a visit to Sayram Lake is autumn and summer season. The admission fee to enter this lovely area is just seventy Yuan. Near Sayram Lake, the accommodation facilities are under construction. One can camp at any spot near to it now. To reach this lake, one can take bus services from Urumqi to Yili. 


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