Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum

Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum is located in Shi Hezi City. It was opened officially to public in the month of October in 1995. At interjections of the city, there was a house at park situated in southern part of Shi Hezi City. Earlier, it was house of twenty second regiment and was known by the name “Tao Shiyue Mansion”. By the year 1994, it was adopted by the Shi Hezi culture office after which the building underwent certain repair works. This office then turned to be Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum and was made open to travelers to visit.


Historical museum by all means

The Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum has a total area of four hundred and sixty square meters. This museum is perfectly divided mainly into 3 exhibition halls. The hall located at left portion of Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum’s entrance is first exhibition hall which possesses the theme – “the ancient Shi Hezi”. There are lots of unearthed fossils, earthenware pots, bronze, stoneware, and more which are exhibited in this first hall. There is a fossil of horse with eight toes. This fossil possesses a history of three million years. It offers a great clue to people in looking for traces of prehistoric man who lived in Shi Hezi. Archeologists have discovered a stone arrowhead from this spot. It became one of the valuable clues that aided in further archaeological studies and research in Xinjiang.


History of reclamations:

In the right side of Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum entrance, there is the second exhibition hall where one can find the expansion of reclamation. In this exhibition hall, there are hundreds of clothes as well as farming tools which the people of that time used. There are many articles of daily use which people made use of in the reclamation period. All these materials in fact display the development as well as history of reclamation. It depicts the process or way through which the Shi Hezi turned to be a well advanced garden city loved by millions from a much deserted Gobi desert.


Window of reclamation works:

Near the second exhibition hall, there is a third hall which has the theme – “extending footsteps”. There is huge image of warriors who did lot of reclamation works, and the image of certain leaders under the central government in this third exhibition hall. All these photos are believed to be captured when they had a visit to Shi Hezi for inspecting the reclamation work. There are more than eighty photos in third hall. The Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum displays the great and rapid development of Shi Hezi, particularly process of cultivation that changed in recent forty years. It can be considered that Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum is in a way, a miniature of the Xinjiang production as well as Construction Regiment. The museum has been known as window of Reclamation work in Xinjiang too.

Travel Tips

Shi Hezi Army Reclamation Museum can be visited any time. One may take bus from square of Shi Hezi train station to reach the museum.


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