Xindu Bridge – Paradise for Photographers

The Xindu Bridge is situated nearly at a height of three thousand three hundred meter above level of sea. The weather condition of plateau offers a unique temperature difference near Xindu Bridge. It is located between Litang in south and the Chuang-Zang Railway Route towards Ganzi at northern side. This is one and only path to Kangding County from Tibet. This bridge is at a distance of 437 miles from Chengdu district and eighty miles away from Kangding city. In this path, one will have to travel over the Zheduo Mountain. It also gives a pchance to view Gongga Mountain which is known as king of mountains located in Sichuan.


Paradise for photographers

The Xindu Bridge is an amazing spot known as “world of light and shadow” as well as “paradise for photographers”. It looks just as wonderland that appears perfectly as painting. The huge grasslands, wonderful lights, winding streams, mountain groups and poplar trees with golden leaves, and more can be seen here. The grassland is filled with cattle. The whole land area has many Tibetan villages. The Xindu Bridge is very beautiful one with great style that is even beyond the imagination of people.


The main attractive views near Xindu Bridge are Tibetan villages near streets, mountains with peaks drawing beautiful line in sky, poplar trees and elegant rivers in villages, sun in clear sky, cattle groups making an appearance of vivid painting, shining water in river, chimney smoke, snowy Gongga Mountain peaks high in blue sky that display the greatness under sun. Person visiting Xindu Bridge will feel as if he is over a beautiful oil painting that has several colors in it. The appropriate time to make the visit is in month of November. The natural scenery of spots near Xindu Bridge is in fact a perfect suggestive for painting as well as poetry.

There are many two floor houses here built specially in Tibetan style. They possess huge white walls, red gate doors, and more. These are built using stones and attain plenty of light as they do face sun. On every wall of houses, there are tiny windows. Eave are beautifully painted in colors which show harvest and vigor of native people. The fantastic nature, old temples, and nearby mystifying Tianzang platform are attractive features of Xindu Bridge.


Travel Tips to visitors who love Photography

Even though the Xindu Bridge isn’t a huge one, the scenery near to it can be viewed from town itself. The scenery always appears like a beautiful painting. The place between the town of the Xindu Bridge and Zheduo Mountain is popular as Paradise for photographers. This spot mesmerizes all visitors and attracts lot of photographers. The appropriate time to visit Xindu Bridge is from month of May to July every year. The soaring eagles, blooming flowers and sunshine offer fantastic scenery. Certain visitors have health issues related to high altitude zones. Therefore, it is advised to take essential drugs earlier itself. 


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