Yanzigou-A High Altitude Adventure Trekking Spot

Yanzigou is located in the western central China, 200 kilometer south west to Chengdu in the Yanzi Valley. This is part of Sichuan Province, in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Area of People’s Republic of China. The valley stretches up wards from 1,800 meters to 7,556 meters from the sea level to Gongga Mountain. The natural beauty of the location is quite impressive. Yanzigou is a good location for mountain climbing enthusiasts. People who prefer to climb Gongga Mountain shall find this place also very good location for mountain climbing considering the stiff challenges they can face here. During autumn the sceneries of colorful trees will be so hilarious to watch.


Various temperatures at various altitude:

The entire Yanzigou is spread over 10 square kilometers and is stretched 10 kilometers in length. Good rain fall is the plus point of this location. Yanzigou has 1,200 mm rain fall in year. At various stages of altitude you will have different temperature. At the peak of 4,000 meter and above the temperature will be only 5 degree Celsius. At the bottom of 2000 meter the temperature will be 19 degree Celsius. An array of wonders are waiting for the visitors such as rare plants, animals, hot and cold springs, dense forests, low – altitude glaciers. 

Yanzigou is not an active tourist spot. Hence, you can say this is a virgin location with lot of unique charming sceneries. This location can be considered as a natural ecological tourist center. Scary cliffs, steep mountains and weird rocks are very much spectacular. There are 15 mountains, which are taller than 5,000 meters. Near the Herb King Temple, you can see the famous Bamboo Shoot Peak, which looks like a driven structure in the sky. The peak is featured like a bamboo shoot.


Four pilgrims walking:

Another stunning view is the “Four Slender Rocks”, looks like four pilgrims walking towards India for their spiritual attainment. There are similar rocks that look like different animals such as bulls and rhinoceroses. What a magnificent view! The main attraction of Yanzigou Scenic Resort is the Red Rock Beach. This is considered as the largest natural phenomena in Asia. The red color is formed due the growth of a kind of red moss, which is a micro organism, growing only in high altitude mountains under peculiar ecological condition.


Travel Tips:

The important main city from where you can start your journey is Chengdu which is 340 kilometers away from the picnic spot. The journey can be completed trekking all the way or by horse riding. Before entering to Kangding County, you can relax at Moxi Town or Xinxing Town. You cannot find accommodation centers here. May be you can find accommodation with the local’s house. People are very friendly; hence staying with locals would be fun time. Before venturing to Yanzigou, you need to carry lot of dried food, water for you and feed for horse. It is highly recommended to have a guide or a horse keeper who can take care of the situations and guide you properly. There are no good roads to Yanzigou, so you have to trek all the way or ride over the horse. Carry sleeping bags, mosquito replant, and flash light and warm cloths along with you. Don’t forget to carry gas cooking stoves and essential utensils.


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