Foreigner Street in Chongqing – The English Corner

The Foreigner Street is situated in the quite remote region that lies between the River Yangtze and Danzishi region in the Nan An District. This is a portion of 4th project of the Nan Bin Road in Chongqing, a Chinese municipality known as one among the national central cities in China. Most visitors commonly miss to visit the Foreigner Street as it is a region in southern bank. This area is more like a very independent kingdom of expats. The Foreigner Street has at present turns to be a great platform to travellers to begin new business. Therefore, this place is known as the largest “English Corner” in the entire Chongqing municipality.


A mix of western and eastern culture

The Foreigner Street has a large collection of distinct architecture in foreign-styles, stores, entertainment, and restaurants. This area has ability to mesmerize lot many foreigners to start their own bars, restaurants and stores in not time. At this place, one can have fun and enjoy real delicious Italian pizza, Indian cakes, Japanese sushi, and British tea. The other chief attractions are flume rides, jet coasters, and more. All these can offer maximum entertainment and excitement. The Foreigner Street is never a park. It remarkably mixes both the western as well as eastern culture perfectly. This region evokes certain elements of refreshment as well as nostalgia to every traveller home or abroad.

To have a leisurely walk through the Foreigner Street will allow one to pass through a Korean neighbourhood, a Japanese village, a perfect Western style river walk, a collection of houses made in the conventional architectural style of China, horse drawn carriages, and an area that portraits a part of Communist Revolution, filled fully with dance as well as song re-enactments. The Foreigner Street in Chongqing is an area of bright thematic oddities. Being in Chongqing, the foreigner street has great climate. It is surrounded by many historical sites and possesses stunning natural beauty. The modern attractions near the Foreigner Street are abundant. Convenient transportation is boasted throughout the region. The enhanced business provides a powerful creative capacity in this spot.

Great recreation facilities with international standards

Though the Foreigner Street is not a park, it has many rides which are scattered in the entire region along with several shops as well as restaurants which are owned to by various people from home and abroad. Most of the rides have wonderful names. Few roller coaster names are Crazy Mouse, Moto Coater, Golden Dragon Roller Coaster, and more. It is a region that offers great recreation with international standards always. Multi Culture is the main speciality of the Foreigner Street. African Village in the Foreigner Street of Chongqing is very famous. In the Foreigner Street, there are many crooked houses as well as world record breaking restrooms that are really impressive to all. The expense at the Foreigner Street is very less and therefore, it will never withdraw at least a pinch of one’s joyfulness.

Travel Tips

One can get a taxi to the Foreigner Street from downtown Chongqing directly.


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