Jindao Gorge – An Impressive Gorge by All Means

The scenic spot of Jindao Gorge is situated at foot of Beibei district. It is at a height of eight hundred and twenty five meters above the sea level. It is a gorge that is newly discovered. It is recognized as the most dangerous gorge in land of China as it possesses a 10 mile plank road constructed along the mountain cliffs. Jindao Gorge is nearly ninety kilometres far from Chongqing. This impressive gorge is loved by millions across the globe due to its haunting as well as primitive beauty. It is a karst region that has lot of surprises to any traveller visiting the spot. It is very pleasing to walk through this gorge as it offers a feeling of perfect rainforest adventure hike. This area is far from the apartment buildings of Chongqing.

Aqua marine shaded pools

The Jindao Gorge is fully filled with aqua marine shaded pools and turquoise coloured pools. This literally implies that one has to hike over the walkway which is integrated artfully. The walkway will certainly take one through the entire war up the Jindao Gorge. This gorge was mainly formed millions of years back by karstification and erosion. At present, a very powerful current is running through core area of Jindao Gorge with lot of brooks as well as streams that run just as veins of the cliffs of Jindao Gorge.

Even though there are lot of pathways that are integrated thoughtfully into landscape of China, it is never a trademark of the hiking trails. But, in the Jindao Gorge it is an exception. These walkways are constructed using a combination of concrete and wood. These materials will blend perfectly into the natural environment of Jindao Gorge. Thus, it will provide a great feeling to every traveller that one is Indiana Jones who is moving through some few old forests.


Travel Tips

The admission fee to the Jindao Gorge is just sixty RMB from month of November to February. But from month of March to October, it will cost hundred RMB. One must definitely take time to hike the entire gorge. It is suggested to spend approximately two to three hours in Jindao Gorge on foot. The trip will for sure offer lot of memories throughout the enjoyable tour. Hurry up to book your tickets to China.

It is very easy to reach the Jindao Gorge. As it is located in Chongqing, specifically at Beibei County, it will take less than two hours to reach this scenic spot by the public transportation or by self drive. One has to get bus from the Hongqi Hegou Bus station in Chongqing to reach Jindao Xia. Do remember to ask the right place to get down as it is seen that most people get confused about the right spot. From Jindao Xia, one can get bus or car services to reach the Jindao Gorge. DO chat with few local people before searching for car services as they can help you. The car will never cost more than RMB 50.


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