Chongqing Zoo – One of the Great Zoos in China

Chongqing Zoo, located in Chongqing Municipality, in Jiulongpo District of People Republic of China. This giant Animal Zoo was built in 1953 and officially declared opened for public in the year 1955. Spread over an area of 111 acres, the zoo is a home for different kind of animals and also a research and protection area for immigrant wild animals. This is an attractive location for kids, youngsters and people from all walks of life. Due to the presence rare species of animals, the zoo is very popular and lot of tourist started flowing in to this wonderful zoo. 

Visit the special zones

The beautifully designed landscape is rich with green hills, artificial springs, limpid water, drooping trees and different species of animals. There are more than 4,000 different kind of animals, birds and aqua species and some of the special species falls under amphibious animals, wild animals, birds, herbivores and fishes. These animals are housed in separate areas and they are marked with special zones and names. You can see here Kangaroo Park, Elephant house, Deer Park, Orangutan House, Tiger Hill, Panda House, Bear Hill, Birds Paradise and Gold Fish. These special zones makes them comfortable living in their own Dynasties.

The gardens are designed to mark the horticultural talents, which are really a bemusing experience. The Panda House is a superb attempt to protect the endangered species and having special breeding areas to protect them and help to generate more Panda members. It is concentrated effort by the Chinese authorities which has got world wide accolades. The Panda House as built during 1989 and is situated in the same location of the original Panda Cave. The artificial environment is an exact replication of the real living condition where Panda used to live. The zoo authorities has constructed artificial streams, rocks, hills, caves, springs, waterfalls, parterre and pavilions for Pandas to lead a natural life.  It is also a surprising experience to encounter with some of the rare animals wandering the zoo namely, Yakin, South China Tiger, Argali, Clouded Leopard, Golden cat and Asian Elephant. 

Amusement and Theme parks:

There are also refreshment and leisure areas adjacent to the park developed for the comfort of tourists. In the amusement park you can engage in to various fun activities such as dry skating, water fun activities, Mini train, inertial pulling, Splash water etc. There are frequent stage programs being conducted by the zoo authorities as part of the entertainment activities. The theme parks are designed to meet the taste of ladies, gents, kids, young and older ones. Also adjacent to the amusement park, you can see a science exhibition hall with lot of interesting subjects for students, which is really a welcome move by the zoo authorities. This will definitely ignite the scientific curiosity of children, so especially this will be an attractive section for children between 3 to 12 years old. Lot of craft work activities, painting activities, exhibition of wild animal movies and lot scientific books with illustration are available for free cost to the children. 

Visiting Tips:

The entry is restricted against payment of CNY 30 per person during February to October and CNY 20 per person during December to January. Children less than 1.2 meters shall be allowed free pass and also individual above 70 years old shall be exempted from entry fee. Also there will be 50% discount offered to youngsters under 18 years and adults between 60 to 69 years old. The zoo is opened between 08:00 am to 18:00pm. There are plenty of busses available from Chongqing Bus station and subway. 

Visitors are advised, not to engage in offensive actions like feeding the animals. Also advised not to wear bright colored dresses and make loud noises. Luggage has to be kept in the cloak room near the main entrance. This is a location for pure enjoyment without any worries. So enjoy yourself.


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