Geleshan – Mount Geleshan and Martyrs’ Mausoleum

Geleshan is located 16 kilometers far from Chongqing and lay exactly in the western part of Chongqing. Geleshan stands for the ‘mountains of joyful singing’. It got this name after the successful attempt to stop the flood situation leaded by Dayu; he later invited his people to see the joyful mountains. This was adjudged as 4A level natural beauty spot in China in the year 2002 and elevated as National Forest Park in the year 2003. All these recognition was bestowed to the mountain forest due to the spectacular sceneries consisting of mountains, natural landscapes, prairie meadows, streams, springs, waterfalls, clouds, fogs, rare wild animals, birds and fishes crowed this area as “Fortress Green Gem”. 

Historical important locations:

There are two historically important locations in Geleshan, which are Baigong guan and Zhazi Dong Jail. After the reference of Geleshan, in the most popular novel “Red Crag”, the importance of Geleshan brought in to the light of many readers especially the notorious bloody war of liberation of Chongqing. Baigong Guan was notorious for jailing the Communist revolutionary fighters. Baigong Guan was a villa in the outskirt of city Chongqing, was the house of Bai Ju who was a warlord from Sichuan Province. This house was converted as a jail to put the communist revolutionary fighters. Zhazidong is about 2.5 kilometers far from Baigong Guan. During the heavy revolutionary fighting there were about 300 revolutionary guards killed in Zhazidong and Baigong Guan.

Martyr’s Mausoleum at Chongqing Mount Geleshan: 

To commemorate and honor the brave revolutionary guards, who fought gallantly against the imperialist government and laid down their precious life for the people of China, a Martyr’s Mausoleum has built on the former site of Sino-American Cooperation Organization Institute which is located at the foot of Mount Geleshan, on November 27, 1949. In the fighting at Kuomintang, the communist revolutionary guards had lost 300 of its finest warriors.

Immediately after the entry to Martyr’s Mausoleum of the gate, you shall be greeted by the parade ground of Sino-American Cooperative Organization Institute. The immortality area known in Chinese as “Bu Xiu” is located in the east side of the ground with a large scale relievo, constructed in memory of the brave soldiers. The entire structure is spread over 1,159 square meters inclusive of an Exhibition Hall and Head Quarters of the Martyrs’ Mausoleum is situated on the north side of the relievo. Lots of pictures that depicts the chilling moments of the revolutionary actions, weapons, ammunitions, historical objects and manuscripts are displayed here. 

Geleshan Forest Park:

The Geleshan Forest Park is spread over 2 square kilometers, which is 16 kilometers far from Chongqing city consisting of dense forests, streams, springs, caves, big and small waterfalls, clouds and meadows are wonderful sceneries. These mind blowing experiences are really enchanting. People who love to spend their time in extreme solitude this is an ideal place for them. You will have a quite relieving experience and can mingle with the nature in an unlimited freedom. 

Travel Tips:

The best season to visit Geleshan is during April to October. The off season is considered during November to March. Entry to Martyrs Mausoleum is free, however the Forest Park will be charged CNY50 per head including the cable car charges. Frequent bus services are available from Chongqing city to Martyr’s Mausoleum Station. 



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