Simian Mountain with Spectacular Waterfalls

Simian Mountain is situated in the Chongqing Jiangjin City which is one hundred and forty kilometres far from the urban region of the Chongqing municipality in the southern bank of River Yangtze. This mountain is located in the longitude 106 ° 17 ‘─ 106 ° 30’ and the latitude 28 ° 31 ‘─ 28 ° 46’. It covers approximately two hundred and forty square kilometres. There are lot of beautiful waterfalls and a primitive forest Danxia and more. The attractive features of Simian Mountain are lakes, hills, and stunning streams.

One hundred big and small waterfalls

It is categorized as the 3rd batch of China’s significant scenic spots. This attractive mountain is well surrounded by several other mountains and mountain cliffs. The highest peak is nearly one thousand seven hundred and nine meter above the level of sea, while the lowest elevation is five hundred and sixty meters above sea. There are over hundred big and small waterfalls. Eight waterfalls among them are about hundred meters high. The main attraction of Simian Mountain is scenic landscapes, and forest that has several lakes, streams, waterfalls, and more. The area is filled with rich natural colours completely. There is abundant plant as well as animal life in this area.

The inverted mountain

The Simian Mountain is neighboured by the mountains of Geology which is also known by the name – “inverted mountain”. The main cause for this nickname is the existence of several mountains on every side surrounding it. The Simian Mountain is located in a region that has a moist sub-tropical and monsoon climate. The mean annual temperature is approximately thirteen degree Celsius. There is an annual precipitation of nearly one thousand five hundred and twenty two millimetres.

This Mountain has one of the most spectacular waterfalls across the globe. There are several scenic areas nearby such as stunning scenic spots in Chongqing and Mount Jinfo, which are well known to millions of travellers from different parts of the world. As Simian Mountain is in transitive zone between Sichuan Basin and Yunnan Guizhou Plateau, it gets sufficient rainfall and has favourable climate. The entire region is decked well with abundant forests. It is also known as home of waterfalls. The Balcony of Nostalgia, Wangxiangtai waterfall in Simian Mountain is a very popular waterfall in whole China as it has several tiny waterfalls. The well known Shuikoushi Waterfall is loved by many.

Broad leaved green forest

All the waterfalls snakes the way to valley of the Simian Mountain. And this gives birth to Chaba River that brought several lakes. The most stunning one among them is Great Red Sea. The lakes near the Simian Mountain have crystal clear and static water. It winds the canyons and forest. It provides a happy and relaxed lake trip to all visitors. The Simian Mountain has the real broad leaved green forest belt that preserves over one thousand five hundred types of plants, several endangered animals and plants. Lot of animals in Simian Mountain are state level protected. This mountain deserves to be known as the “treasure trove of species gene.”

Travel Tips

To reach Chongqing is very easy. One can get flights, bus or taxi services to reach there. You can get in a long distance bus from the Long Distance Bus Station at Chengjiaping to Jiangping District. Then get into a tourist bus to the scenic spot of Simian Mountain, The admission fee is 60 yuan. 


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