Tea Mountain Bamboo Sea – the Largest Tea Yard in Asia

Tea Mountain Bamboo Sea is one of the picturesque landmark national forest parks, in People Republic of China located two kilometers north from the city of Yongchuan in Chongqing Province. The natural forest park is spread over 117 square kilometers is unique in its features which one cannot find out anywhere in the world. Out of the entire park area 20,000 acres are full of Tea Garden and 50,000 acres are full Bamboo Garden. The average climate in this beautiful land is blessed with only 14 degrees and as a reason considered the best location for holidays, honeymoon and leisure trips. It is surprising to note the density of the bamboo tree presence in the location. More than 97% of the land is covered by bamboo trees, bamboo with tea and tea with bamboo. The area is hence having the best pure air quality with rich oxygen content. The level of oxygen bar is recorded as 3 mu and 50,000 mu of tea garden intertwined with tea and bamboo. 

Asia’s first large scale Tea yard: 

Guishan Tea Yard, black dragon tea yard and tea three major films Jinpen Bamboo Sea, Bamboo maze and so on are some of majestic location in the Tea Mountain and Bamboo Sea. This is considered as Asia’s first large scale Tea yard with a combined natural serenity of vast tea forest, with unusual shape, beautiful mountain valley that creates like a green velvet like appeal. 

The main attraction in Dasan Zhunhai are Shan tea garden, tea garden three dragon large plantations and bamboo, Bamboo maze gold basis six large bamboo floor, the son of Heaven temple, Tianbazi tomb and thin knife ridge. The Thin Knise ridge is situated at an altitude of 1025 meters above sea level is part of the West Peak. There are 5 tourist resort and 20 household complexes as part of tourist farm. Some of the other attractions are Chinese tea hills, leisure villas, bamboo hill, Mountain resort, Red Lantern resort and golden base lake resorts. There are lots of recreational arrangements for the tourists. You will be getting the wonderful opportunity to be part of the entertainment and can take part in the tea ceremony, pottery and bonfire parties, and tasting bamboo series dishes and take part in the tea tasting party. These entertainments and social functions are always a pulsating experience to know more about Chinese culture and their customs. The organizers generally encourage tourists to be part of the function and enjoy the themes in its full spirit. 

Travel Tips:

Frequent bus services are available from Chongqing or Chengdu Bus Terminal to Tea Mountains and Bamboo Sea. This distance from Chongqing 63 kilometer and from Chengdu it is 276 kilometers. The scenic spot is only 3 kilometer away from the gateway of Cheng-Yu highway. Entry fee to the Tea Mountain area is CNY 30 per head. It would be better to have an English speaking guide to help you out move around and seeing the places. 


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