Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge – The Engineering Skill of Dong Community

Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge is located in Liuzhou of Sanjiang County in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of People’s Republic of China. The peculiarity of China is that the country does have lot ethnic minorities and they live in cluster of their own community.  The main communities that you can see are Miao, Zhuang, Yao and Dong.  You can see this community lives in their own enclaves in and around Guangxi. Dong ethnic community is densely concentrated in Sanjiang County. These people have constructed covered bridges over the river, with porches, side walk ways and pavilions.  These bridges are constructed with multiple utility provisions which are able to proved shelter during rain.  These types of bridges are called as “Wind and Rain bridges.” Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge is one of the many bridges famous for its beauty and engineering skills. 


No steel nails and steel wires 

This bridge also called as Yongji Bridge or Panlong Bridge is built over Linxi River of Sanjiang County.  The bridge is 64.4 meters long, 3.4 meters wide and 10.6 meters height.  The bridge is built during 1916 and constructed with wood and stones.  Both sides of the bridge are supported with hand rails as protective feature and surface of the bridge is paved with wooden boards. On the bridge five towers like kiosks are built and adorned with horns and eaves like construction to add the beauty of the bridge.


The bridge is very strong and intact in condition shows the excellent engineering skill of Dong people.  No steel nails or rivets are used to fix the bridge instead they have used wooden pegs and dove-tailed to fix the wooden logs together. When looked from far, it resembled like a beautiful rainbow surfaced on the horizon.  

Good seating arrangements 

On both side on the bridge, seating arrangements are provided which will let visitors sit and relax and enjoy the beauty of the location. The sceneries are fabulous, with so many agricultural activities in the valley, trilling and ploughing by the Dong men, the busy water wheels, the rich tea bushes on the hill side, the salient Linxi River are really wonderful and soothing experience. 


Cultural shows:

There will be regular cultural shows in front of the Drum Tower of Ma’an by Dong people. It is a good time for Dong people to make some extra money during the cultural shows.  You are encouraged by the performers to take photographs with them and expect you to compliment them with cash tips as a courtesy. 

How to reach there: 

There are good transport systems to Chengyang.  You can take bus route from Sanjiang to Chengyang which are available frequently. There will be an entry fee of CNY 30 per head and CNY 80 to watch the cultural show. 

Tourist can have quality time on the bridge by enjoying their personal life and good to maintain cozy experience. You can enjoy and mix with Dong people who will give you a rare chance to understand the social life of Dong people and their culture. There are lots of accommodations and hostels are available in and around the bridge. The Drum Tower Folk Hostel situated at the top of the hill is ideal to watch the magnificent view of the location. 


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