Chili Peak Is Part of Langshan Mountain

Chili Peak is part of Langshan Mountain which is a National Geological Park of China located in the Danxia plaque of Xinning County in People’s Republic of China.  The mountain stretch is developed along with a cluster of geological parks namely, Chili Peak, Camel Peak, Zixia Cave, Fuyi River, Innate Bridge, Bajiao Stronghold, Emperor Xun Forest Park, Xicun Ancient Dwelling, Linjiazhai and many more running about 60 beautiful locations, spread over 500 kilometers away from Changsha, the capital town of Hunan province.


The picturesque Chili Peak includes Camel Peak, Yixiantian, Lianjigzai, Candle Peak and many more.  Among all Chile, Camel Peak and Candle Peak are most important due to its unique identities.  The Chili Peak is 180 meters in height and is the most beautiful due to its unique shape.  The top side the peak is big and lower side is narrow in shape. This peculiar feature gives as if a spectacular shape of chili drooping towards the sky. The top side perimeter is 100 meters and bottom is 40 meters.  Just imagine how marvelous it would and it is really thrill up your experience if you could see it with your eyes. 

Camel Peak:

Along the stretch you can move towards Camel Peak, which is located in the Shitian Village.  The Peak resembles like a huge colossal galloping camel.  With a length of 273 meters and height of 187.7 meters the scene is really hilarious. There are four stone hills taken the shape of camel, consisting of head, body and tail.  It is really wonderful to watch the nature’s marvelous trick by experiencing the rare exhibition of camel race.


Candle Peak: 

Side by side is the Candle Peak.  The shape of Peak resemble like a red candle with round body drooping in to the sky. The peak has a circumference of 400 meters and length of 217.8 meters. The east side of the candle park is having a huge natural cliff, which are 50 meters deep and 100 meters long. A stone ladder is constructed to climb on top of the candle peak.  The flat surface is safe for tourist to stay and have comfortable view of the nearby red rocks and surrounding area.


Plan your journey: 

Planning your travel to China is much easier now days, due to the improved rail and road net work services.  Bigger cities are connected with bullet trains and also connected with air travel services. Those who prefer to travel by road, excellent super highways are developed which makes the road journey one of the best option while travelling inside China.  Luxury coach bus services add the pleasure of your journey. 

The Mountain stretch is 200 kilometer far from Guilin.  You can hope in to any bus that is going to Xinning, Wugang from the Guilin Bus Terminal. Your point of disembarkation is Langshan Danxia square in the Langhu Street.  To cover the entire area you need to spend 2 hours.  The site is opened for tourist from morning 8 am to evening 5 pm.

The best season to visit the area is April to October.  You will have please climate and wonderful travel experience.


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