Longhu Cave – Lots of Wonderful Features

The Longhu Cave is situated in the core area of the Nuoshui River scenic region. This cave is recognized as the most attractive scenery in “Nuoshui Dongtian”. The main cave is more than two thousand meters in terms of length. It is categorized into various layers, out of which four are main ones. The region for swimming is nearly fifty thousand square meters. Every layer is having several attractive wonders. On one hole there is another hole too. Under this hole, one can find a river. A lake is also situated near to this cave. All these beautiful features constitute to make it a perfect palace on moon just as a fairy world. The Longhu Cave is situated in Niujiaoqian. The cave is having a zigzag structure mainly. The upper, lower and middle layers are separated by distinct cave features.


Now, the area of swimming that counts to fifty thousand square meters is open to public. Other spots open to visitors are Border River, Mirage, Shouting Spring, Mirage, Heaven Court and more. As per the inscriptions that can be viewed on the Longhu cave, the regional officers as well as the civilians in regions that borders generally come at this spot to pray to God asking for rain during the olden days.


Well known tourist destination:

Just as the LONGHU Cave, the Longhu Temple and Longhu Village are also well known tourist spots. This temple has a very popular old monastery. It was initially put together for solitary contemplation by many religious practitioners in hills and mountains. It was also called as Yanshan Temple. The caves found here are fine as well as geography features due to various reasons. It was build in order to venerate Bodhisattva Guanyin. The architecture of Longhu Temple is divided into 4 halls structurally. In front hall, Guanyin icon in stone is venerated. In front portion of this icon, a Maitreya image is consecrated along with eighteen Luohans that are distributed on both sides. The precious hall of great hero is second hall with the unadorned exterior. Inside, the Sakyamuni Buddha is well enshrined. Third hall in this temple is decorated magnificently with excellent dioramas. It also features enshrined Cund images. The last hall possesses a dining area as well as Dharma Hall. It has a reliquary in second floor, in which an Indian Buddhist relic is enshrined. The regions near the Longhu Cave are loved by millions of travelers who visit China every year.


People find it very interesting to explore this place. This cave and temple is much associated to the Buddhism. Many individuals who strongly believe in religion come to this spot many times even in a year.

Travel Tips

The Longhu Cave is a beautiful tourist area that can be visited in anytime to the year. It offers a great experience to all visiting the place. The flight services to different part of China can provide foreign travelers to reach easily. Bus and taxi services are available, which can aid people in reaching the Longhu Cave. 


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