Tianyi Lane – A Difficult Narrow Lane to Negotiate

Tianyi Lane is located in Langshan Town of Xinning County in Hunan Province.  This is one of the very narrow lanes in the People’s Republic of China and also in the world.  On both side of the lane is situated the huge stone wall formed by mountains.  This stone wall like structure is naturally formed and it is about 80 meters to 120 meters in height.  The lane is too dark and light creeps very difficult in to the lane. It is about 238.8 meters long and is so beautiful.  This thrilling experience is unparallel to the natural scenic places what one could see elsewhere in the world.   It is really baffling and every step is really challenging.


Difficult to move along side by side 

The lanes are provided with carved out steps which is very much helpful for the tourists to negotiate.  The narrow passage is too narrow and difficult to move alongside with one another person.  Even a fat person would find it bit difficult as in most cases the shoulder portion of your body will have rough experience from the side walls of the lane. The dark lane will be difficult to move and in most cases the route will be in dark situation.  You must be literally shuddering due to non availability of sunlight in the area. The only light what you can get will be the sunrays. The sunrays are also struggling to peep in to the lane with great difficult.


The most marvelous lane in the world

The meaning of Tianyi Lane stands for “the most marvelous lane in the world”.  It was previously known as cow/ox nose Zhai.  The meaning is Zhai in mandarin is Castle. It got the name because of numerous cow/ox nose type holes on top and sides of the hill.  These naturally formed lanes are the most wonderful attraction in Tianyi and among the most attractive tourist destination is the Tianyi Lane.   There are, altogether nine “on the line sky lane” in this area.  Walking through the dark lane is a wonderful experience.  Because of these pulsating experiences the name of the spot is re-christened in 2004 as Tianyi Lane.  Apart from the important spot Tianyi Lane, there are Yuxian Lane (Meeting God Lane), Xianrean bridge (God Bridge), Mati Lane (Horseshoe God Bridge), Baizhang Cliff (Hundred Meters Cliff and the moon light rock. 



Trekking through the lanes is quite adventurous.  When you prepare yourself to negotiate through such unusual tourist attractions, it could not be considered as a honeymoon or holiday trip.  You should have a team of young, adventurous group of people to explore the full potential of such explorations.  As part of preparations, you must learn about the eco-geographical situations and should prepare to have the necessary gears that may help you to complete the expeditions.  You should carry warm cloths, sleeping beds, heavy snow resistant rubber sole shoes, some fist aid medicines and some general medicines that can get you immediate relief from frequent climate changes and infections.

How to travel to Tianyi Lane? 

Hoping in to a bus from Guilin is the easiest way to reach Tianyi Lane.  You can get off at Langashan Danxia town and Langhu Street.  From there you can walk to Tianyi Lane.  You may need to spend 2 hours time to complete the expedition. The entry fee is CNY 50 per head and is opened from 8 am to 5 pm.

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