Tubing In Wu Pai River – A Wonderful Experience

Wu Pai River is located in Cat Mountain which is highest in south western part of China. It is nearly one hundred and seven kilometres far from city of Guilin in southwest Ziyuan County situated in province of Guangxi. In Ziyuan, tubing on this river starts and ends approximately thirty kilometres at place known as Long Sheng. The river stretch varies from five to thirty meters in terms of width. From top portion to reaches in bottom is having three hundred meters drop in the elevation. The people of Guilin always find this beautiful river much convenient because they love tubing adventures down the Wu Pai River. Tubing at Wu Pai is now well known across the globe and many travellers from different parts of the world visit this spot every year.


Recreation and adventure

Recreation and adventure is the main elements that people love about the Wu Pai River. It is well combined with sports, nature, and entertainment too. In several places, this river is shallow and moves fast via differing attractive sceneries. On both banks of the river, there are many tall trees. Dense forests can be seen nearby. There are many Yao as well as Miao villages near Wu Pai River. The uncommon formations of stone add more interest to the natural landscape beauty. People visiting this river and regions nearby always wish to experience these activities repeatedly. There are many opportunities in which one can take many special scenic adventures which will remind of the wonderful experiences for the entire life.


River Wu Pai has many strange stones, lovely waterfall groups and dense but quiet forest. They enrich the well established elements of tourism in area of Guilin. Many foreigners and native people are attracted by the hot spring water as well as exciting tubing adventures. This is a perfect site for the intensified training as well as competition of the slalom. As the adventure is breathtaking, it has ability to turn the common man into great heroes, and also cowards to brave warriors. In short, strong human elements can be slowly brought in a person through these adventures in Wu Pai River.


Travel Tips

This tourist destination is never the right spot for the children who are below fourteen years old, and individuals having heart diseases or blood pleasure. Handicapped people who are not allowed to drift must not go for such adventures in Wu Pai River. While drifting, every command from the sailors has to be accepted and obeyed. Proper safety measures are to be taken to avoid accidents. On bed of the river, stone riprap is aculeated and therefore, it won’t be possible to swim.

Drifting is in fact seasonal program which is conducted from mid April to mid October. The most appropriate time for drifting is from mid May to early September. Ordinary bus services are available every twenty minutes from 6.30 am to 6 pm every day. Get bus from Guilin bus station to Ziyuan, from where you can rent a car at affordable cost.8cd902d8249273178ce2853db670b188

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