Hiking along rice terraces in Longji

We searched as many informations of Longji rice terraces as possible on Internet, and designed our own itinerary day by day.  After 1 hour flight from Hong Kong, we landed in Guilin, a place known for its beautiful mountains and rivers.

Xinzhai village to Jiuwu village

Mr. Ke Song was our driver, recommended by our frineds on tripadvisors.  He is a middle aged strong man.   Picked us up from our hotel in Guilin, he took us to visit a 600-year old village of Jiangtou, then dropped us off at the place of BoJiTan.  OUr hikking started from here.  We were told that we would see our luggage in 2 days.  Fortunately we found a horse to carry something for us.

The village of BoJiTan is on the south side of Dragon Backbone Mountain, we need to climb up the mountain to the other side to see those beautiful rice terraces built on mountain slope.

Jiuwu village to Tiantou village

Last night we stayed overnight in Jiuwu.  When our tour guide opened his BIG big carred by that horse, we saw coffee maker, wheat flakes, fruit and milk….and I was told our tour guide would make simple breakfast for us in the coming 2 days.

When a mosquito net was setup, it made me feel like coming back to childhood in my gramma’s old house.

mosquito net

Tiantou to Longji rice terraces

Today we walked 4 hours from Tiantou to PingAn Village.  Passing through Zhonglu minority villages on the way. You can experience a side of China that, even today, has hardly been touched by the many changes sweeping through other parts of the country. Looking out over the terraced landscape, it is hard to imagine how long it took to carve the mountains into the beautiful scene unfolding around us.

We were happy to see our coach and driver was waiting for us at the end of our hiking.  Now we are leaving these beautiful rice terraces and heading to stay overnight in a village by the bank of Li River.

longsheng rice terraces

Sunrise on Li River

Climb up the mountain in darkness at 4am, we eventually saw this famous Li River on the mountain summit.  The sunrise photo on Li River was another reason we came for this holiday.

li river

Many friends said my experience is so different than an ordinary tour to Guilin. The Guilin landscape is truly beautiful and it is so fertile.  It  is also filled with history as people have lived along the river for a very long time. It was very interesting to see how intensively the farmers worked and that the crops go right up to the road. There were also no fences. We loved the water buffalo.  We had to stop and look at everyone!


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