Shopping in Suzhou Part 1

It’s said that “There is a heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou“.Suzhou is called “silk town”. So,where are the big shopping malls in Suzhou?What to buy for friends and family? Today we’ll take a look, Suzhou is not only having many strong local characteristics commercial street goods,but also has many international fashion shopping streets.
1. Suzhou Guanqian Street
Located in the ancient city center, Guanqian Street is the Suzhou first popular shopping street. It is the city’s commercial, cultural, religious, tourist center.Visitors can buy many local products here ,such as clothing, jewelry,local food, bonsai, glassware and so on.The buildings on this commercial street are all traditional architectural style of ancient Suzhou.


2. Qiantaixiang Silk
Located in the middle of Guanqian Street, Qiantaixiang Silk Shop is the century-old silk shop in Suzhou.Except silk,there are the fine woolen fabrics, cotton fiber and other great cloth. Qiantaixiang Silk Shop founded in Qing dynasty.Even though there are not many records about Qiantaixiang Silk Shop in old times,but it still the very famous silk shop in Suzhou. Compared to other unknown silk shops in Suzhou,this shop has quality silk with reasonable price and a varity of silk customers can choose.


3. Caizhizhai Candy
Caizhizhai candy is very famous in Yangtze River. Caizhizhai Candy Shop is an century-old candy store located on the east of Guanqian Street. The traditional products like dumplings candy,Songzi candy, sesame crackers, rose seeds, Cuimei and Marinades bean curd cake are very popular.The Caizhizhai candy features the strict election materials, fine processing, nutrient-rich, sweet and delicious,integrating the strengths of Chinese and Western sweets candy together.




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